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Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
Of course it's frightening Kent ...the truth is always frightening , until you either get used to living under that fear, or resolve to make change for a less frightening society.

OUt of all the people in this angry world , You do know me after all Kent ...You know I'm not here for the popularity contest , I'm here because it is in fact a war of ideology .

I'm not really an ideologist though ...I just won't sit back and wait for the ideological tyrants to take control and wait to speak out once it's too late .

Wait and see attitudes are for losers !

The Clock is running and The time is running out !

Thanks Kent , at least now you know that I didn't ignore you because your post was not silly at all .

Only I am not the subject of the debate some people here would like to make it !
Well, I'm not going to get into all that with you, Duke, because we've been down that road before. I know your stand on the subject, and you know mine.

I was just pointing out the futility of "poking sticks" at you in hopes of changing the content of your posts. Nobody is going to change your outlook, and your not going to change anyone else's outlook.

Anyway, have a good weekend, and relax. Enjoy a Grolsch ot two.
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