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Originally Posted by Stephi_B View Post
How often exactly did we had that discussion now? (Btw, I never stood in any bread line as an original West German, East Germans neither did, they stood in lines for exotic fruits and other not-life-essential goods - what you mean sounds more like Ceauşescu's Romania)

I repeat: The Cold War (am speaking not in economic terms and you know that) is not yet won - watch the news. Al Quaida & Co. are the direct product of American/Western politics pre-1989.

You do some reading on Gorbi!
Stephie ,

Thats a known .....according to the Leftists the USSR just went on vacation .

Thats why we have all those glowing socialist NGO's like Greenpeace , Amnesty International , and many other neo Communist Organisations .

Why Heck , a loyal Stalinist has got to have something to do while waiting for a reconstruction.

Don't worry though , the knock out blow is coming .....just remember well that people can't survive by eating rocks !

Re: North Korea ...

Have you had some Chinese Food Lately ?
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