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Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
Stephie ,

Thats a known .....according to the Leftists the USSR just went on vacation .
Who are such leftists, differentiate please! But you see although Russia has a capitalist economy (in some respects even more capitalist than the US), Putin is just unfolding Soviet-governance-style deluxe...

In my personal opinion both pure communism and pure capitalism are failed models and extremely destructive for human life and ethical development. Democratic, free-market socialism (i.e. combine the best of both extremes) would be it!

Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
Thats why we have all those glowing socialist NGO's like Greenpeace , Amnesty International , and many other neo Communist Organisations .
1. You throw around too loosely with 'communism/communist' and 'socialism/socialist'. But you're in best company: Chavez and all gone and existing communist regimes who dubbed themselves 'socialist' (or even 'democratic' like the GDR, ha ha ha "democratic"...)

2. Don't mess with AI, they are doing excellent work!

Originally Posted by The Duke View Post
Why Heck , a loyal Stalinist has got to have something to do while waiting for a reconstruction.

Don't worry though , the knock out blow is coming .....just remember well that people can't survive by eating rocks !

Re: North Korea ...

Have you had some Chinese Food Lately ?
Your commie-paranoia in all honours (a bit paranoia is healthy like most things in small quantities, only too much is dangerous...), but North Korea is an extreme case (and the moment China is pissed off enough and let's the Dear Leader fall this last existing stone-age communism will fall to pieces).

And I repeat: Afghanistan war #1 (which right next to the armament race was the reason the USSR died when it did), USA stoutly fighting communism in a proxy war and thereby allying+supporting the very same sort of people that not two decades later crashed planes in WTC and Pentagon. What I am saying is: Better think twice, thrice who is the worst 'evil' and if it's really wise to walk side by side with the perceived 'lesser evil'. Re: Pakistan (got the bomb tested & ready to use plus a leader that by pissing of his countrymen drives them into the arms of Islamists; and remember that today's Taliban/al-Qaida ideology was forged in Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan), Re: S.A. and Egypt (*)(just like in Pakistan, a repressive govt that drives people in the Islamist camp; and remember that the traditional Islamism upon which the modern one roots, just stems from these two countries) whom you wanna supply with (civil) nuclear technology.

[edit: (*) a.k.a. the "Sunni axis" raised as counterweight to Shia Iran]

Yeah, Chinese food, had it on Saturday last time. Indian foods excellent either. Asian food in general. Not unlikely that in 20 years Chinese and Indian culture has the same global impact than American-European one has today. Not a bad prospect, or?

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