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Okay Doc Heres one for you

Originally Posted by House,M.D. View Post
And your idea of exercising free speech is to name call and demean others? Or are you simply a bully in search of a fight?

Why don't you prescribe that same thing to this person ?

I have no Idea who they are , but they are screaming out for your attentions :

Mona Laughs

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Posts: 5,322 Why in the world would you apologize to this f-tard? It somehow diminishes your power in life if you waste those precious apologies on ape men. Besides,
if you believe what you say, you have no reason to apologize.

Notice how this vile person just couldn't resist walking away from the thread themselves , and even went to the trouble to leave a wonderful word of hope ?

It's Clearly a sign of chronic Liberal disease !

Ready to Operate ? LMAO

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