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I don't think it's dumb at all, it's a major issue in any relationship IMO.

As a starter... I think that power is different from being the giver/taker in a relationship. A giver can be in the power position by withholding or controlling what he/she gives ... the taker can be in the power position by forcing the other person to give through various tactics.

I think there is a natural ebb and flow in relationships, ideally it all balances out in the end. When it doesn't balance out I think it's unhealthy.

Re: romantic relationships vs. friendships where power is concerned, I don't think friendships are as prone to the struggle simply because with a friend your life isn't as "married" to the other person's so if you want different things it's not such a big deal. You know? It's pretty rare that you would make life decisions based on how they would affect someone who is not a part of your family (the way a spouse is).

What do you think, fodder?
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