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Placing Words

Placing words Symbols, Space and the City by William Mitchell

"Nineteen and twentith centuries transformed global information dissemination system by radically separating the contexts of the message transmission and reception."

Basically- media started to do its ventreloquist thing (the message heard away from the emitter) in the 1800-1900's.


"Novelists writing for thousands of readers, musicians in recording studios, and radio performers at their microphones could not know all of the potential reception sites for their productions, and could not count on site features to help clarify or eleborate their meaning."

speaks for itself


"this condition favored the production of works that were not only repeated exactly at different times and different places, but were also self-contained and independent of the context of reception as possible"

basically- the word, in all its manifestations, has become a Happy Meal.

Mitchell does good work- I'm just breaking into this puppy, but some good chapter heads beckon: "Smackdown in Cyberspace", "A Neutron walks into a Bar", "The Theatrics of Terror", and "Camp Cupcake Blues".

Don't let the bits above scare you. It's not that chunky through the entire book. just thought they were apropo
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