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Mo, I enjoy your posts. You may not have noticed that some threads here are designed to welcome the kind of unstructured content you excel at, but some have limitations or expected formats or conventions that enhance the creative experience.

This thread expects participants to link an *image* that visually or conceptually follows on from the previous one. It seems sometimes like you understand this concept and sometimes you don't.

My post of Frank Sinatra's album was derived from Hyakujo's Fox's youtube in this way: if you look closely at it you can see a youtube video url, I looked that up and even though I could not see the video because of a copyright claim, I was able to figure out that the youtube video in H'sF's image was indeed that frank sinatra album.

My followup image links to the frank sinatra image in a few ways:
1) They're looking in approximately the same direction
2) They're both musicians
3) The color palate is somewhat inverted

Please continue to post on this forum, but if you choose to post in this thread at least include an image with your text. I've included the previous images to start the continuity up again, but it's better to just post the new image (with as little text as possible).

...and another handful of almonds

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