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Official recipe for U.S. Military grade Brownies
(abridged significantly from the original 26 pages) Nuts, walnuts, shelled. Shelled walnut pieces shall be of the small piece size classification, shall be of a light color, and shall be U.S. No. 1 of the U.S. Standards for Shelled English Walnuts. A minimum of 90 percent, by weight, of the pieces shall pass through a 4/16-inch diameter round hole screen and not more than 1 percent, by weight, shall pass through a 2/16-inch diameter round hole screen. the shelled walnuts shall be coated with an approved food grade antioxidant and shall be of the latest season's crop.
3.2.6 Whole eggs, liquid or frozen. Whole eggs may be liquid or frozen and shall have been processed and labeled in accordance with the Regulations Governing the Inspection of Eggs and Egg Products (7 CFR Part 59). The whole eggs shall be egg whites and egg yolks in their natural proportions as broken directly from the shell eggs as evidenced by a USDA Egg Products Inspection Certificate. For liquid whole eggs, the USDA certificate shall state the date and time of pasteurization. Liquid whole eggs shall be held at a temperature of 400F or lower and shall be held for not more than 72 hours from the time of pasteurization until the start of formulation of the product in which they are used. Frozen whole eggs shall be held at 100F or lower and used within 120 days from the date of production. The whole eggs shall be free from off-odors and off-flavors, such as sulfide-like, fruity, sour, musty, or metallic, and shall be free from foreign materials.
3.2.7 Water. Water used for ice making, formulation, and washing shall conform to the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations.
3.2.8 Cocoa. Cocoa shall be natural process cocoa of the type known as medium fat cocoa.
3.2.15 Vitamins. Vitamin A shall be a refined concentrate of vitamin A ester (palmitate). When added to the chocolate or confections, it shall not impart a fishy or objectionable odor or flavor to the finished product. Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) and thiamine hydrochloride, thiamine mononitrate, and pyridoxine hydrochloride shall be of Food Chemicals Codex grade.
3.2.16 Pregelatinized starch. Pregelatinized starch shall be derived from corn, tapioca, or any other farinaceous product. It shall be precooked and processed to produce a food grade thickener stabilizer of a white color and a powdery texture.
3.2.19 Fat. Vegetable fat for the chocolate coating shall be natural or hydrogenated coconut, palm kernel, babasu, tucum, or other high lauric acid oils or mixtures thereof, or a mixture of one or more of these which not more than 25 percent hydrogenated peanut oil or cottonseed oil, or both combined. The fats shall have a minimum stability of 100 hours when measured by the active oxygen method (AOM). They shall retain satisfactory odor, flavor, and color after heating to a temperature of 4000F. The free fatty acid content shall be not greater than 0.08 percent prior to the addition of an antioxidant mixture or 0.1 percent after the addition of antioxidant mixture A, B, C, D, or E specified in The moisture and volatile matter shall not exceed 0.1 percent after the addition of antioxidant mixture A, B, C, D, or E. The fat shall be adequately protected against oxidative rancidity, at time of manufacture or by the processor, by the addition of 0.1 percent by weight of an antioxidant mixture specified in The melting point and solid fat indices shall be as follows:
Wiley Melting Point:
1170F to 1190
Antioxidants shall comply with the Food Chemical Codex.
3.3 Brownie, oatmeal cookie and chocolate coating preparation and processing.
3.3.1 Brownie formula. The formula for the brownie shall be as follows:
Parts by weight
Sugar 1/ 23.0
Flour 2/ 21.0
Shortening 16.8
Nuts 3/ 16.0
whole eggs (liquid basis) 4/ 5/ 13.0
Cocoa 5.5
Dextrose, anhydrous 4.4
Salt .03
Chemical leavening
As required
1/ Powdered sugar may be substituted for part of the granulated sugar to control spread.
2/ Pregelatinized starch, malted barley flour, wheat gluten or any combination thereof may be substituted for a part of the flour to obtain proper dough consistency.
3/ Nuts shall be either almonds, pecans, or walnuts or any combination thereof.
4/ Frozen whole eggs shall be tempered/thawed and held at an internal temperature of 280F to 400F for not more than 24 hours prior to product preparation.
5/ Whole eggs, dried, may be substituted for whole eggs (liquid basis) by following the manufacturer's recommended rehydration and mixing procedures and shall have no less than the equivalent amount of whole egg solids as the liquid basis. The water shall be adjusted to ensure compliance with moisture requirements of the baked brownie prior to coating.
3.3.2 Brownie preparation. (NOTE: The contractor is not required to follow the exact procedure shown below provided that the brownies conform to all finished product requirements in 3.4.)
a. Whip eggs in large bowl on high speed until light and fluffy.
b. Combine sugars, cocoa, salt, and leavening; add to beaten eggs, and whip on high speed until thick.
c. Add shortening slowly while mixing on low speed.
d. Scrape bowl and whip on high speed until thick.
e. Mix flour, nuts, and flavors together and fold into batter; mix until uniform.
f. Pour batter into pan at a rate that will yield uncoated brownies which, when cut such as to meet the dimension requirements specified in 3.4f, will weigh approximately 35 grams each. (Experimentally, a panning rate of 14 to 16 grams per square inch was used.)
g. Bake at 3500F until done (30 to 45 minutes).
3.3.3 Brownie cutting. The brownies shall be cut to the appropriate size when cool (see 3.4f).
3.3.4 Brownie moisture content. The moisture content of the uncoated brownie shall be not more than 8.0 percent.
3.3.5 Brownie coating. The brownies shall be completely enrobed with a continuous uniform chocolate coating (see 3.2.14) in an amount which shall be not less than 29 percent by weight of the finished product.

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