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I understand what auntie said about this being an 800lb gorilla. I do. But I'm thinking of it as more of a sleeping dragon. We're all the dragon, and we're all poking it in the eye.

If it isn't clear what Ze intends, this is probably because he is not yet sure what he will do. This place grew out of his work and has been part of his life for a long time; he's obviously fond of it and of many of the people here. It's clearly causing him as much pain as it is causing any of us for things to be off-kilter. I would certainly not like to be in his position.

If there's any chance of maintaining a part of the board, we have to be patient. We have to let things rest. There will be time for answers, and time for defining roles and rules. But I respectfully, oh so respectfully suggest that this is not the time. Look how quickly raw feelings arose in this thread, which was intended as a gift to Frieda, and the rest of us.

I like this place. As ridiculous as I would have thought it 6 months ago, some days, I need this place. I don't want it to go. And I know no one would be upset if they didn't feel similarly attached to it.

Consider this brightpearl's impassioned plea for a collective deep breath, for calm, patience, and letting this go for now. Where things can't be let go, perhaps they can be put aside for a while, until some of the details come into focus? Where they can't be put aside, perhaps they can be addressed privately.

I can see that there are some for whom the feelings are so raw that they'd rather see the board dead than taking a breather. It's an understandable impulse, but it's unkind to the rest of us. Anyone who isn't happy here may leave the rest of us to do as we will, and if no bridges are burned, there'll be room to return.

It's only a board, after all, and not worth so much strife. But it's such a lovely one, and worth so much effort.
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