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Post dresden dolls at galapgos(sp.?) in brooklyn, ny

this is my second time trying to post a thread, i think i failed on the first attempt.

Just wanted to let people know, for those in the NYC area, i went to see a two person band last night called "dresden dolls".
they will be playing in brooklyn this evening. i didn't know much about them but tagged along with a friend that had seen them before. it's a girl on piano and sings beautifully as well... (tori amos type of a voice but more powerful in my opinion)... and a guy on the drums. the music and the performance from both seemed more filled with energy than some 4 or 5 piece bands i've seen play. good chemistry between the two and great dynamics.
at 6 bucks for admission, it's definitely worth checking out...
i think is their website
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