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Well, I don't know what is fantastic any more. Everyday life has gotten a bit spooky. Radio waves would probably have sounded pretty out there to Galileo, for instance. And the purist viewpoint would argue that there is as little evidence disproving life after death as there is proving it.

There's actually not much truly objective proof of consciousness arising in the brain, actually. I mean, we have printouts of electrical activity of brains, but how do those prove consciousness outside of our own subjective experience of awareness? Someone from another planet might be skeptical -- maybe we only appear to think and perceive, or maybe our consciousness exists but is housed in extra dimensions, rolled up in superstrings, and is just transmitted through the brain.

That's all moot, though, because so much of human thinking is influenced by emotions regardless of any proof. And as my two minds reflect, most of us are perfectly capable of maintaining separate and contradictory viewpoints without much trouble. We have a strong need to rationalize our contradictions and mitigate our fears in order to lead pleasant lives and get things done for one another. This seems natural to me -- even healthy in many cases, when it leads to compassion and comfort -- and so it is okay whether it is supported by objective evidence or not.

I share your frustrations, however, when beliefs are used to limit or hurt other people. That response is so insidious, and so common.
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