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not to be unfriendly, but - yeah, really.

Why don't you tell us a story about how you personally have been affected by murder? Until then, maybe you could float somebody a giant break. I suspect that you haven't, because if you had, you'd feel only sympathy. Instead you just keep dropping turds everywhere you go.
"Somebody's birthday? I believe I'll leave a pile of turds on their birthday thread." "Somebody celebrating the end of a long ordeal? I believe I'll turn all the attention to me and trivialize the plight of black urbanites again." What's up with that?

Maybe - just maybe, closure is something to celebrate after a horrible tragedy; after four years of crying out for justice, it must be a relief to be grateful for something.
Maybe people get together afterwards to express gratitude for the weight that's been lifted and the sense of relief that comes flooding in.
Maybe there's a sense of safety that the person who took your baby isn't still lurking in your or someone else's neighborhood.
Maybe the work of forgiveness can begin now.
It's not something families of victims ever recover from, no matter what their color is. Why begrudge anybody in that position a bright spot to cling to? The guy is behind bars. He can't cause more suffering out in the big world as long as he's in there. Maybe he'll ruminate on it. Maybe he'll become enlightened. In the meantime, good riddance.
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