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Here's an Irish joke, then:

An Irishman attends a circus. When the elephant tamer comes in with his elephant, he announces to the audience that his elephant can tell the age of anyone in the audience.
The Irishman shouts out, "It's a fake!"
The elephant tamer points to a child in the audience and the elephant stamps it's foot twelve times on the ground.
"How old are you, son?" the elephant tamer asks.
"I'm twelve," the boy replies.
"It's a fraud, sure as Oi'm sittin' here!" the Irishman exclaims.
The elephant tamer turns to the Irishman.
"I'll make a bet with you, sir. If my elephant tells your correct age, you'll pay for popcorn for the whole audience. If he can't, I'll buy the popcorn."
"Yer on!" says the Irishman.
The elephant tamer points to the Irishman.
The elephant pauses for a second, turns around, farts loudly and stamps his foot twice on the ground.
"Jaysus, Mary, and Joseph, he's right!" the Irishman shouts, "Oi'm farty two!"
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