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MPACUK: Car Bomb May Have Been Planted by MEMRI

At the UK’s Muslim Public Affairs Committee web site, a commenter thinks this may be a “marketing stunt.”
By MEMRI. Or some other “Israeli front group.”

Lets wait and see if this was:

1) organised by misguided non-believers chanting “Islam” and retaliating for the murderous foreign policies of Blair.


2) was organised as a marketing stunt by SANE, MEMRI, or another unofficial branch of the IDF Intelligence section.

Whoever it was, it is very scary to think that the war is being brought to our streets just because Britain has taken part in the murders of millions of muslims abroad and ecouraged Israel to behave in the same criminal manner.

I maybe completely out of synch with the fanstasy world. I mean this may have absolutely nothing to do with foreign policy in somebody’s deluded world.
Wow. Insanity this deep is almost as scary as the car bomb.
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