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I've searched it , and there is nowhere I could find one solitary factoid linking Francis Bellamy to socialism , unless you happen to think being a Baptist minister is the same as being a socialist ........

I'm sure you are right about patriotism but the mix with religious belief is also culpable when the position is "Patriotism should come from the heart ....Religion should also comes from the heart "

So let's say you are a Baptist , why go to worship in a catholic Church then , you see you are not patriotic to catholicism ,. but rather to Baptism .

Another solid point , there comes a time when each person must admit that when they no longer have a heart for the country or religion in which they reside , they should ask themselves why they continue to stay there ..and they should thoroughly investigate not only the reason that they choose to stay , but whether or not their staying in a place that is not in their heart serves the purpose of mutual benefit from applied society and religion ....In short it would be far better for everyone if that person were to move on away to somewhere else where their heart may lay ..say China , Or Russia , Or Iran !

Kent I still hold by my resolve and firm belief that if a person who is an American by heart , but not one by soul were to emigrate to China ,Russia , or Iran even , they would come back to the USA screaming ...and they would shut up forever when it comes to topics like say Patriotism

Just like Joni Mitchell once sang pal , " You don't know what you got till it's gone !"

and in the words of Forest Gump : " thats all I have to say about the word "Patriotism ! "
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