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I think that we as a society need to rethink what we think we know about depression and suicide. From bitter experience, one all too recent, I just don't think that the standard cliches hold up. It can't always be a cry for help, or just looking for attention. It can't always be hoping they'll be found before it's too late. It can't always be that they think they'll be back. Maybe sometimes it is, but it can't always.

Sometimes I think that some people reach a point where they think can't cope anymore. The cries for help before didn't get them any better, and they're done crying. They can't be hoping to be found just in time, because they know that it will be so long before…

I'm left thinking; could I have said something that might have changed the outcome? Maybe commented on that witty Facebook post, instead of breezing past. Maybe gone less than a month between casual hellos. Maybe gotten around to inviting them to dinner like we'd planned. Just one simple kindness that seemed so meaningless at the time; could it have changed the course? Triggered the realization that maybe somebody does care? Or would that just delay inevitable? Was it inevitable?

I don't know. I don't really suffer from depression myself, so I can only imagine what it must take to become that desperate. I am a very pro-science individual, but psychology is a very young science, and I've seen it fail too many times. We have so far yet to go.

All I can say is, to anyone else who might be struggling, please, hang in there. Please. The world isn't perfect, and we all have our ups and downs. Don't get off the ride just because you've reached bottom. It won't always be this way. There will be good times again, I promise. Sometimes you will come around again and feel down, and maybe you'll feel like it will never be like it was before, that time, that trip, that hike, that night kicking our ass at Medal of Honor. But please, hang in just a little longer. There will be good times again. I know there will.

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