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I can't speak for anyone but me.

Someone who can make me laugh.
Someone I find attractive.
I have no template to what is attractive. It could be the way he smiles, or the cut of his jaw.
I like a self-assured guy. Not a bull dozer mentality, just not intimidated by the world.
A fellow who will stand to allow an old woman to sit.
He has to take pride in his appearance as in good hygiene and a nice subtle cologne.
It doesn't matter if he's short or tall, a few extra pounds would be ok too as long as he wasn't sloppy and sedentary.
It would probably easier to say what ladies don't want in a guy.

I think the most important thing I look for in a guy is his brain. Can he have intellectual discussions? Does he have goals? Dreams? Common Sense? Class? A slightly wicked sense of humour?
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