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According to what I heard on "Democracy Now", the US has already sent out some naval ships towards Iran. Since Bush has only made veiled threats towards Iran, it's thought that, like Iraq, he will begin the war obliquely and unilaterally, by blockading Iran's ports with Naval ships. When Iran retaliates against this act of war, Bush will call it an unprovoked attack and declare war.

That's only speculation, though. Certainly, the escalation in hints and allegations against Iran is worrisome, considering this administrations track record of deceit and warmongering. At least, they won't have Colin Powell there to make a fake case of it.
We always have ships off the coast of Iran, in the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. We constantly escort ships through the Straights of Hormuz as well. On one deployment, Iran had sent out a small vessel to watch us, on one of the deployments I was on, and nothing happened.

That would be a valid point if we never did that. We have a constant gulf presence.
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