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my daughter thinks her nail polish chips
too eaisly

(i was told by my mother to always polish your nails
about 1hour before bedtime and let them dry for 8 hours
before getting your hands wet. When i told my daughterthis
the evening before Frieda stated she was late because she was waiting for her nails
to dry
not that you care)

i do not wear color on my hands

---- on my toes i let the person with me choose !!
my daughter has a part time job at dsw shoe store
they have started selling nail polish
near the register she has been wearing a color that i think
looks great on her
--she is VERY fair skinned--
she told me it cost $3.
but that may mean with her discount
not sure

N42 wrapped in clouds
depends on room humidity
but i think fairly quick
look at it this way if it rained10 minutes after you painted your house with oil paint you would
freak out right ?
it is pretty
From stone tablets to html code, it's not lost on me.

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