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Just kidding.
Those are called duck feet nails, btw, and while I find them fascinating I can't imagine getting them.

For reals:
  • NL V08, Royal Flush Blush, toes only
  • OPI
  • Seems like only a minute or two...the first one is dry by the time I finish the last one. I only do one coat, though.
  • It wears amazingly well, sometimes as long as a week, as long as I don't wear closed-toed shoes -- then it rubs off at a couple of points where my shoes make contact.
  • Picture
  • Rating 8 out of 10 -- It's a peachy pink, so it goes with lots of clothes, and it doesn't draw too much attention to how ghostly pale my skin is. I also really like that OPI is apparently not one of the companies who lies about being "three-free"...I started looking for less poisonous brands after I used some cheapie novelty glitter stuff at Halloween a couple of years ago and had a horrible reaction to it! I only have a couple of colors because I am pained by spending more than a couple of bucks on nail polish, and OPI runs about $8.

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