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St Louis, MO

my very favorite foods from my hometown, St Louis:

1. Pizza World
It's a chain of gourmet pizza places that is really exceptional if you are a vegetarian (like me!), but they have a lot of other strange pizza for the meatasaurus as well. I always get the Grecian Gourmet.

2. Olympia House
fantastic greek food

3. Rich & Charlies
My very favorite Italian food, so much better than the big chain italian fine dining. The salads are amazing, and the pasta con asparagi is absolutely the best pasta I have ever had. They have a lot of other good pastas there as well.

4. Joe's Pizza
Actually I only ate there once, it was really good (veggie) pizza though. I always wanted to go back but it was way downtown and I was not. I could get to 4 Pizza Worlds before I reached it =)
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