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It's funny for both the US and Canada re: the English language, because the countries are so big - would you agree? For instance the different slang, accents, etc. that you might find in a different country might be less different than slang and accents within your own country. IMO California and British Columbia, Canada are more similar than California and Arkansas - or BC and Newfoundland.

So... would you consider Chinatown, Japantown, Koreatown, the Spanish-speaking areas of the city as being contributors to your culture? *small explanatory disclaimer* I'm not trying to trap you into a race/ethnicity debate or anything, I'm truly curious about how you perceive your culture - all driven by my hubby's feelings re: being in another country in Montreal. From the time I was tiny and watching Sesame Street, I've taken it as a fact that Canada is bilingual, so to hear him say that was really strange for me.
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