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Originally Posted by rumoko View Post
SportsRacers and Duckies may, in the coming days and weeks, be making a migratory visit to these here lovely waters.

This is a safety thread - opened by someone from over there, over here. (Read the styled emphasis as you will)

Why not start by posting here:

or here:
New Po- I mean Toasters?

I believe we're called ZeMonkeys here, not sports racers (correct me if I'm wrong).

Anything anyone care to add? - general etiquette, dress code?
well, ever since i drunk deleted the guidelines, there really aren't any officially.. ze hasn't posted new ones. but i stick to these:

don't spam, be nice to each other, don't post images of porn or other graphic material (children visit here too, they say, so make a link to it), read the guidelines of a thread before posting in the Fiction Project, and don't leave the cap off the toothpaste.

please enjoy your stay here!
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