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Originally Posted by zero View Post
can you wear a hat?
while i certainly can, in that i have the ability, i choose not to. i possess a certain sensory defensiveness that makes me strongly opposed to the sensation of many types of accessories, including hats. baseball caps, in particular, feel particularly offensive. the defensiveness in my head region seems to be specific to a small area halfway between my ears and my occipital bone on both sides. i warn you now, if we ever meet in this lifetime, don't even dream of touching me there. i will haikeeba anyone who wants to touch that specific area of my scalp.

so the only way i could conceive of voluntarily wearing a hat without obsessing over how badly i want to take it off, is if there were notches cut in the fabric to expose that midway point between ears and occipital on both sides.

and that would just be a damn ugly hat.
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