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The Free Online Dictionary wins the Boring Old Reality Award, and a case of DDT, for:

acarine - of or caused by acari, or mites.

Coffee wins the Apathy Award and a case of Who Cares cereal, which contains a slew of special ingredients, whatever they may be, for:

acarine- (ah-Care'-i-nay) Indifference to the results.

Coffee found himself more entertained by the predictable results of the dictionary game experiment than his acarine expectations warranted.

xfox wins the Judges Take These Things Personally Prize and a set of slashed tires, and a good keying down the driver's side of the car, for:

acarine older than dirt and bitter to the taste.

There was something acarine about the way she came and went, fortunately it was not with great regularity.

YsaPur EsChomuw wins the Anorexia Nervosa Award and a free membership at the Keith Richards Health Club, for:

acarine - the sweet smelling, sour fruit of the acarine tree

After trying several diets he ended up with the acarine wonder - it's easy to lose weight eating nonexistent fruit, after all.

trisherina wins the PMS* Award and the Coveted Second Place Award and a big box of 96 Crayola Crayons for:

acarine: a rich red-purple colour.

Puckering her lips after a long sip of ice cold lemonade, Olive surveyed the partygoers, swaying slightly to make her acarine chiffon skirt flounce at the bottom.

funkytuba wins First Place and the Recursion Award and the Recursion Award and the Recursion Award and the Recursion Award and a Winchester Repeating Rifle BB gun, for:

acarine - the condition of being pissy and snippy with people on an internet bulletin board when they don't conform to your whimsical and capricious rules

When Bales turned his limerick into a luc bat, FunkyTuba responded by posting a caption in the image association thread, setting off erzo who posted a picture of LaZy Manfred in Mo's Posts and the Zeboard descended into a general state of acarine.

Take it away, Funks.

* Pantone Matching System. Get your mind out of the gutter.
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