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Well, first question: I have my first gay teenager. He either doesn't know it yet, or if he does, he hasn't come forward with anything. If he does, I'll love him and squeeze him and keep him for my very own (just as I did with my best guy friend in high school). If the elders felt the need to complain (I think the Presbyterians are beginning to lean the same way as the Episcopalians these days), I would assure them that I have everything under control, and that I was put to the duty of leading the kids for a reason.

Second question: The kids I'm watching over go to the school with the highest teen pregnancy rate in the state(!). Half of my kids are having sex (before me even, boo). We'll be having the sex talk in the next month and a half. There's a stash of condoms in the bottom of my file cabinet. They don't know that yet, but there is. I called around to the school. They have a parenting class and a daycare and still aren't passing out or making prophylactics available. I've talked to the senior pastor. We agree that the right needs aren't being met. *sigh*

Last question: I love it. It's my dream job. I'm not just blowing smoke out my ass either.
I'd rather be making out.
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