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I was the guy in the tree outside your apartment last night around 1:30 AM.
I knew you would be coming back from the pub, as I saw you go out with your friends. I just wanted to see you again, but closer and more personal than my binoculars will let me. You are absolutely stunning and seem like a wonderful person. Oh, don't let anyone tell you different, picking up your underwear with your toes and putting them in your hamper IS a skill. And I think it is cowgirl cute the way you wave your bra around like a lasso when you dance.

I am sorry I couldn't stay longer, but there was that moment, it was ever so brief, when our eyes met, it means so much to me and I hope it does for you too. But it was the combination of your high pitched scream of joy and the siren about 5 minutes later that made me leave. I thought the siren was from a fire truck and I would hate to be stuck in a tree that gets caught on fire.

Now it seems that your blinds are always closed, what happened? Are you sad and just need some darkness in your apartment? Why not let the stars shine in, I sure would like to see you again.

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