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I moved to the South Bend IN area near the Michigan state line when I was 10. Yes, they sold fireworks then and they still do. When I go home to visit, I still hear the cherry bombs and sky rockets streaming up into the night sky. The weird thing now is I live on the PA/ NJ state line (the Delaware River) and before the 4th, NJ people could go over to PA and buy fireworks but if you got caught bringing them back to NJ, they would be taken away and you'd get a fine because you could not use them in NJ legally. If you were a PA resident, you would be not be allowed to by the fireworks from the PA vendor at all. Go figure.

Oh, ya - my cousins would drive in from Chicago to buy ciggies and bring my dad's booze order back from Illinois. Taxes, taxes taxes. (I paid $2.68 for gas this week)

Klynne, how are YOU?!!! It's been awhile since you last posted. Still not smoking?

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