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Well that's a post dinner treat .... it was the first recipe that popped into my head .. and it's an exceptional cheesecake.

Ok another one, super easy, very good:

Chicken casserole

Two or three boneless chicken breasts
Chopped green peppers, red peppers, onions (about three cups)
Kraft parmesan/romano/asiago grated cheese mix (in container like parmesan cheese comes in, down spaghetti aisle)
Two cans of cream of mushroom soup (can use cream of chicken if you hate mushrooms)
Instant rice (white or brown)

Put chicken in bottom of casserole dish, cover with chopped up onions/peppers, liberally sprinkle the kraft cheese over top,
add pepper to taste. Pour two cans of soup over entire thing.

Bake in oven at 350 for an hour. Ten minutes before chicken is done, put instant rice in bowl, add water, cover with saranwrap (pop a few holes in top) and nuke in microwave for 9 minutes.

Take chicken out of oven, chop up into smaller pieces (think chunks), add rice, mix everything until well blended.



So easy, so good.
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