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There's something about a new, crisp piece of white blank paper. It is the best example of simplicity...yet, it manages to carry with it, a sense of majesty.

What? Just an object? No, no, no. Paper emerges from the belly of nature, harmonious and intertwining with Mother Earth. It is no surprise, then, to find paper not to be an object but rather, a living spectre.

Indeed, it lives and breathes. In fact, it speaks.

A blank piece of paper lays on a desk. Can't you hear is whisper your name? Can't you hear it seduce your mind? Can't you hear it call out, "Create me"?

The blank space consumes your ideas and images, basking in its glory. As a return favor, the paper genially displays your creation, so that you may take glory in it too.

So thank the trees. They done did a good ol' job, y'all.
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