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Originally Posted by malarkey
okay sorry it took sooooooooooo long but here is your song for you that you wanted.

I am a dr and I am smooth
and I can really groove
i like to catch mice and eat them on toast
or sometimes just a really good roast

my dog is nice he's a bichon frisay
and i dont care if you think i'm gay
cuz i am a doctor and i do good things
help all the people who are ill and things
knew i could push the B to J button
how many personalities are you frontin
didn't think it'd be the fish
never wouldof guessed ya do this ish
stichesredliquidsicksince to sense damage
get the bandages
gonna need some coffee and sandwiches
deffinitly a new plan abandoned..
mentally nailing in the bandaid..
what's the cost of "first place!...."
knew all that school would pay off!,
pop-u-larity, tony danza probably likes me
but its not likely, I-see-who's-the-boss..
lookitsmrfixit, mvp's of the high school "play"offs
-thanks for gettin me high.
Praise Ja for homophobic doctor(s)
no, don't worry about the rainbow,
disbelief is what's up with the jaw..
.."It lawked naw I tawc like thish,"..
nothin like gettin dissed,
the doc and nurse protectin the pissed
the vengence of kids
makes no sense...
pretty fake
hurry and gossiup
internally brusied..
i puked cause he's smooth..
guess rest "who" isn't irealavent
i'd rather not know cause the hell of it,
"doc?".. (paitient)ly rigging the bell,
wait, can i bring my ear plugs and pornomag,
thisisn't normal, it's sad,
smoothy did his best
why'd we play pool today?
..............damn, so much for eyes
i'll be on my island
uncork the champain
oh s**t, I'm gonna be sea sick
guess this raft e'll have ta do,
spies interrogated and confessed lies...
i'll bet your sea side feeding the fish too
bet i could guess WHO
and i asked YOU twice?
thanks for f***ing up my life,
good timming blinding picking up my heart brain it seems like a smooth day for floating away with my dreams from the place of fallicy, no i'm not mad, casually ratteled for three hundred sixty five, that was fun talk..
outline me in white chalk..

p.s. thanks for all the honest advice, everyone has been helpful..
this last year was the best, i should be writing checks to all of you instead of the government.. tell smooth to wake up kavorkian, i'll be needing that frontal lobe removal by now, hope just left the building. gonna vomit, then smoke.

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