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Where do I begin? "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end; then stop".
Lewis Carroll's Adventures of Alice.

The beginning:
I have an Associates in Applied Science and I am currently working on my Bachelors in Information Technology. I have a dead-end job that I show up for daily. I am the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of Munitions Mobility at Aviano Air Base, Italy. What that means is, I am over-worked, under-paid and stressed beyond the limits of any intelligent human being. I have a dead-end relationship with a Croatian girl who speaks in sentence fragments and like every other 22 year old on this planet, she is on a soul searching mission to "find herself". My freshman year of college I dreamed of being a writer and tried to load my classes down with a healthy dose of english, literature and journalism. As a 26 year old soldier, I still dream of being a writer. I have never had anything published but I have had many submissions. I don't know if that means I am a bad writer or if other editors are just jealous and want a little job security. I hate when the man keeps me down.
The end:
The money isn't really important to me in so much as the title. Say it out loud and listen to the ring this has, Patrick E. Mason, Freelance Web Journalist. Maybe an Esquire would make it sound better? Seriously I would love the opportunity to work for your web syndicate. I have CCed this application to all of the loyal readers I already have of my daily crap. I call them loyal because they are forced to suffer through two or three e-mails daily in which I update them on the stupidest current events possible; like the woman who beat her boyfriend to death with her shoe in New York a few weeks ago. Think of the publicity you could have as I have seen some of my e-mails make it around the world an back in half a day. I hope that maybe some of them will write you and testify, that would save you the time of asking for references. Also, someday, when I actually get my shit together and get a job that doesn't involve national security, I would like to have at least one credible reference for the dream job that seems unattainable. Plus, I think chicks would dig a guy with the title Freelance Journalist. I have attached an recent rambling that I sent to Stuff Magazine for publication. I don't know that they will publish it, but I did attach a read receipt and at least know that they read it and laughed before putting it in file 13. As far as specialization goes, what would you be interested in? I am on location in Italy, I work for the US government (see dead-end job), I play an extensive amount of video games (see dead-end relationship) and I have no qualms doing product reviews. I can meet deadlines and work hard all I need is the forum and the opportunity.

Patrick E. Mason, SSgt, USAF
NCOIC Munitions Mobility
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