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Thought again about the seeming contradiction...

Originally Posted by CJ
i always wondered why the people who are the most ardent anti-abortionists are also the most rabid pro-capital punishmentists.
(one could also add here pro-war-leading, pro-easy-weapon-access, anti-social-security, ... - i.e. not the best attempts for saving innocent lives)

Originally Posted by Auntie
the "pro-life" term is nothing but a disgusting attempt at spin.
(just like showing pictures of well-developed, often already viable fetuses instead of few-weeks-old embryos which look just the same as other mammal and even reptilian embryos - yeah, well, that could also disturb the Creationism/Intelligent Design picture...)

... and the more I think about it, the saving of lives might not play the real role for the banning-abortion-crowd, it's about controlling females, or better said the female body and that's something done/tried by various means (ban of contraception means, forced dress code, keeping females at home, genital mutilation, ...) in many places and usually justified by religion or tradition (and usually BS) and if one thinks further even the mass-rape-strategy in many wars goes in that direction. All of these things make the female body, female sexuality and it's inherent procreation ability a public affair.
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