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Old 05-04-2007, 05:36 AM   #46
The Duke
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Originally Posted by Tennessee Man View Post
IOn June 7, 1981, that 16 U.S.-made Israeli warplanes bombed and destroyed Iraq's Osirak nuclear research facility near Baghdad, more than 600 miles from Israel's borders.1 Prime Minister Menachem Begin claimed the reactor was about to go into operation and was a threat to Israel because it could produce nuclear weapons. Begin's claims were contradicted by a number of experts, but there was considerable circumstantial evidence that Iraq indeed hoped eventually to develop a nuclear weapon. However, Israel's critics pointed out that Iraq was a signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which allowed international inspections of the nuclear facility, while Israel itself refused to sign the treaty, refused inspections of its nuclear facility, and was widely believed to have a large nuclear arsenal.

OK, 26 years ago, Israel bombed the Nuclear Reactor near Baghdad, destroying Iraqs chances of of getting a nuclear bomb, not 25 to 30 years ago.

Now. another 9/11 type event will happen without any doubt if the US leaders continue to do nothing about USA Border & Ports Security to protect the American public.

Tennessee Man
And if you think a border is impermiable to Long range ballistic missiles just because a bunch of guys are riding it in pickup trucks and a few walls and cameras are installed , then you better look long and hard at the Dems history of cutting defense spending ...

Just admit it dude , after we pull out of Iraq and tuck tail and run in a premature manner , we will be inviting something worse than a 9-11 to visit our shores .....Just Look at your sleeping kids , and think about it awhile !

ask yourself the question :

How do we really win the peace ?
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Old 05-04-2007, 08:28 AM   #47
Tennessee Man
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Winning the peace has nothing to do with fighting a war in Iraq will their political leaders wanting to take a 2 months vacation without dealing with the problems of their nation. Yes, withdrawing the US troops is justified for various reasons. The US political leaders should fovuc their efforts on the National, Border, & Ports of Entry Security iisues to prevent another 9/11 type of attack. The USA also has Missisle Defense Systems that could be deployed at various locations in our nation and around the world to take care of any IBM Missle launched anywhere on this planet directed at the USA.

As far as slrrping at night. As the father of a 17 year old son, I worry more about the draft be started back up and mt boy being caught up in this winning the peace agenda the USA is on, which has cost over 3,400 US lives to date and gets higher everyday. What is it, the USA is accomplishing in Iraq and does the US public feel any safer because of it? You never win peace by fighting a war. Maybe your dreaming, cause your not looking at this with your eyes open.

Tennessee Man
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Old 05-04-2007, 10:45 AM   #48
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Originally Posted by craig johnston View Post
yeah, like dubya for example. why else invade a country that had nothing to do with it?

i am simply trying to get you people to define your terms. when a word like 'terrorist' is used incessantly, it ceases to have meaning.
why be so vague about it? if you know what you mean then tell us.
then we can debate.

i happen to agree about the pull out date to an extent. i don't think it makes military sense. however, those who wish to overthrow the iraqi government know that whoever is in the white house will be under enormous pressure to bring u.s. troops home, so it's more or less a fait accompli.
Craig, the same thing can be said of the word racist. This word gets thrown around constantly these days against just about anyone and everyone in order to stop debate or a conversation. If someone doesn't like what's being said about something they are labeled a racist because the person labeling doesn't want to debate the issue or is loosing the argument. We see this daily now. Anyone that speaks out against illegal immigration is labeled a racist. Funny how even Latino citizens are labeled racists in some cases too when they speak against immigration. Do you believe this word has lost it's meaning too? I'm not trying to steer the conversation but I'm giving an example of a word that I believe has really lost it's meaning over time and applies to exactly what you are referring to in my opinion. People that call for definitions need to call for it across the board and not just for the word terrorist. I agree, labels are loosing their meaning when they are used as conversation stoppers.
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