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Old 04-10-2004, 09:58 PM   #1
Abby Normal
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Superhero Round Robin

I just saw "Hellboy" today, and it got me inspired, so I thought I would start a Round Robin about an unlikely superhero. I'm sure you all know how a round robin works, so I won't bother with rules. No rules really needed. So, without any further ado, let us begin the saga of: Mallardman!

It was like any other day at the Plenoprobs zoological institute of experimental radiology. Animals were being tested with various forms of radiation, all new, cutting edge, and, of course, purely experimental. It was Drake Durainey’s first day on the job. He had come straight out of college, and was excited that he’d gotten a job this early. He’d majored in biology, with a minor in radiology, and had graduated at the top of his class. Plenoprobs had noticed the bright young scientist right away, and hired him on the spot. He was currently being shown around the laboratories by a strange fellow with a German accent.

“Und zis is ze duck experimenting labORatory. Zis is vere ve—”
“Conduct experiments with ducks?” guessed Durainey.
“PREzisely!” the German man said, and chuckled, “You veren’t lyink ven you said you vere a bright one!”
“Thank you Mr. Sheisskopf,” Durainey said politely. Sheisskopf nodded, and turned to the duck cages, where there were several mallards, and a few white ducks, pacing agitatedly in their cages. Durainey looked at the ducks, who looked like they were permanently pissed off at something, probably their imprisonment.
“Here duckie,” Durainey tried to pet one of the ducks, a mallard. It promptly bit him on the hand. It drew blood.
“Owch!” Durainey pulled his hand away from the cage.
“Mr. Durainey!” Mr. Sheisskopf said, “You must not fool around vith ze ANimals. Zey can be quite vicious if ze mood takes zem.
“I see,” Durainey said, trying to conceal his hand.
“Old Jorge didn’t bite you, did he?”
“You mean the duck?”
“Yes, of course, ze duck.”
“No, no, of course not,” Durainey laughed nervously. He stuffed his hand in his coat pocket. It was beginning to sting. He started to feel slightly woozy in his stomach. He looked down at his hand. It was throbbing. His last thought before he collapsed unconscious to the floor was “Who in the hell would name a duck Jorge?”

All right! I'll leave the rest up to whoever decides to reply next. Have fun!
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Old 04-16-2004, 06:13 AM   #2
Dark Chocolate
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Durainey opened his eyes. Everything around him was white and sterile, and his linens were pristine, from which he deducted that he must be in a hospital of some sort. Something seemed unusual about this hospital, but he couldn’t quite say what it was. He tried to remember what might have landed him here… Let’s see. Hmm…

A voice interrupted his thoughts:
“ju ver lucky zat time, ju VOOLISH aMERican. Zat duck could hahv GILLED ju. As et ees, ju are koing to hahv to be monitored vor any unusual developments. Zat is vwy ju are in ze laBORitory.”

It was herr Sheisskopf! His accent seemed to have gotten worse, and his hair was all standing on end. Of course, his hair was standing straight up before this unfortunate accident, but somehow Durainey only noticed it now.

So he wasn’t in a hospital after all, he was in a laboritory.

Suddenly, Durrainey remembered everything, and the gravity of the situation hit him like a falling cow.
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