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backward story

RULES: This story is starting at the end.

Finally he came to rest at the top of the hill, the soft fruity smell was a tease of the wind.
Gary was quiet and wrapped himself in his thoughts as he overlooked the village below.
Peaceful and confident. He realized he'd never be the recipient of the glory.
With that in mind, he simply smiled and let the wind tousle his hair, and Gary allowed the sack of oranges to spill open.
The book, returned to its hiding spot in the grove, and a tad bit worse for the wear, held its secrets for the next seeker who happened to crave an orange.

The end.
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What a feeling of relief to have finished the task he'd come to do. Gary bent to wipe his hands on his dungarees. At his feet was another ripe orange. He picked it up and held it to his nose, inhaling deeply. The citrus tingled his nose. He added the fruit to the sack and slung that over his shoulder. Then he looked up the steep hill, and smiled.
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Arif-ul Haq
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As Gary trudged up the hill homeward, he could not help but wonder if he and Sita had really destroyed all of the genetically engineered oranges and their trees. Dear Goddess how he hoped to never see that blight on the land again!

Two years ago Gary had found Sita crumpled around an orange tree at the bottom of the hill, shaking so badly she could hardly talk. Incoherently mumbling, "Neo... Neo". Gary shuddered at the memory of Sita as he nursed her through the withdrawal pains. The corporate bastards! How dare they create what is now called the Novacaine Orange to boost their profits! Gary could still hear the jingle... "NeoOrange! It's mind numbingly sweet!" Yeah, right...
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Old 10-19-2002, 06:47 PM   #5
half baked
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The celebration was loud and joyful; huge mugs of fresh orange juice with and without vodka were passed around to accompany the roast chicken marinated in citrus juices and slices of orange chocolate cake. Music played in every corner of the town, and in the center, the village square, the townspeople presented Sita with a plaque thanking her for her courageous work and selfless endangerment of life and limb. A key to the town followed, and many speeches were made, all of which included many interruptions by the cheering crowds. The partying went on until the wee hours. Gary enjoyed himself so much that he almost forgot he had one more thing to do before he could truly rest. He found Sita, embraced her warmly and promised to meet her later in the day for lunch. She smiled, leaned into him and whispered tantalizingly in his ear, "I'll be waiting." Her fragrant hair brushed his cheek and throat; she kissed him, first softly, then with greater passion. He almost forgot where he was and what he was about to do... but then she pulled away, her eyes sparkling with merriment, and slipped the book into his pocket. "Don't forget to put this back." He smiled back hugely; it felt wonderful to use his face and body for these things again, to smile, to kiss, to embrace. He turned away, feeling light as air, and took up the sack of bright fragrant fruit.
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