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Star Trekkin'

Star Date

Mr Spock suggested the word of the day as Jugs, which seemed a little out of character.

Capt. James T Kirk: Spock? You want the word of the day to be "Jugs".

1st Officer Spock: Yes Captain (raised eyebrow)

K: Isnt that "illogical" Mr Spock?

S: Certainly not, Captain. It's the start of the Vulcan Month of reproduction where anything can happen, especailly sexually, and I dont have much time to consider the consequences. In fact I'm getting a bit of a stiffy right now.

K: Bones? What do you know of Vulcan mating season?

Mediacl Officer McCoy: It's not fully documented Jim, but I think we have to get him to a space brothel right away. He could blow his custard at any time.

K: Is that bad Bones...I mean everyone has a polish now and agai..

McC: Jim! If he pops his load the Enterprise will be completely sprayed with Vulcan jizz!

K: OK, Mr Sulu set course for Rigel 69. Bones help me get Spock down to sick bay.

McC: Someone'll have to distract him Jim, I'm not getting near his alien whanger when it's like that (points at tent in Spocks uniform)

K: Uhura, pop your baps in his face while I get Scotty to help us get him beamed off somewhere.

Lt Uhura: Captain, you want me to expose my brown puppies in his face?

K: That's it, get the funbags out Uhura.

U: Okay......ziiiiiiiip ...*thump, thump*

McC: WOW!!!

K: I agree Bones, but we havent got time...Uhura, get your knockers round his pointy ears, quick.

1st Engineer Scott: Wha's goan on heer the noo Captain? Nice rack Uhura...

McC : Scotty, we have to get Spock to a safe area, before he blows his space load...

K: He's under the spell of Uhura's jubblies, get him to the transporter room...

S: He's not wantin tae go Captain, I dinna know if I can hold him, I think he's gonna blow....

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