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Old 04-15-2004, 01:00 PM   #1
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Locks of Love (read only)

I posted this in the "very important help me with my hair dilemma" thread as well.
************************************************** ****

The person who posted this is very misinformed. We are a 501 (c) 3. We sell unusable hair which is too short, grey or chemically damaged for $5/lb. These proceeds go toward the cost of making the hairpieces. Even though we use donated hair, each piece costs us $1,000.

We save our long hair for the children. Two inches of the length is lost in the manufacturing process so that long hair is very sought after. We are constantly looking through our inventory for 20 + inches of hair in particular requested colors. Please see http://www.locksoflove.org/manufacturing_process.php for more information on how are hairpieces are made.

I have never heard of a ponytail being sold on Ebay or any where else for that amount. Perhaps if it was Brooke Shields or some other celebrity.

Hope that answers your questions and dispels any rumors about our organization. I appreciate you asking the question so that you know the facts. I don't understand why some people portray themselves as authorities on things which they know nothing about.
Susan Stone
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Locks of Love
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PH: 561-963-1677
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Old 04-15-2004, 04:36 PM   #3
Willow Sylph
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I have a friend here at work who just cut her butt-length red hair and donated it to Locks of Love. So did her daugther. Now she's trying to get me to cut my hair off and donate it. I'll have to think about that...
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Old 04-15-2004, 07:14 PM   #4
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I'm growing my hair so i can donate =)
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Old 04-16-2004, 06:14 PM   #5
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As if they would replay with: yeah we sell it illegally and make huge profit. Anyway lets hope I am misinformed

Well lot of the hair used for extensions is in fact from russian prisoners and poor girls in india that are forced to shave and sell, this besides LoL.
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Old 04-16-2004, 06:49 PM   #6
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Thanks for the interesting link, Ilona! There's a lot of great info about hair there.

For the specific reasons people seem to disapprove of LoL: see http://www.tlhs.org/faq.html and go down to the bottom.

Some legitimate concerns there, but not a lot of backed-up facts... mostly opinions.

The claim about the majority of the donated hair being resold could be of issue if you wanted to be sure that your hair made it onto some kid's head. Donate it to the cancer society if that's your concern.

Seems odd that the website complains about LoL not switching to soliciting cash donations, but then doesn't want them to sell the donated hair. I guess if you really care about your hair, as these people obviously do, then you'd want to be sure it became a charity-provided wig per the stated goal of LoL.

One of the links is to the Better Business Bureau's website which describes how LoL doesn't have an independently-audited financial statement available. If they continued to be out-of-compliance for a long period of time, it would concern me too.
The BBB's guidelines say that if you're a charity and you're under $100,000 your own internal statement is good enough; up to $250k, you've got to have an external accountant provide the statement, and above $250k, it has to be independently audited. LoL made $374,543 in 2002, so they fall into the third category.

So... make your own decision...
...and another handful of almonds
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