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Old 10-26-2002, 11:12 AM   #1
one classy broad
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Catching Cold

The toiletpaper nearly drowned him out of her bed. She lay in the chair across the room, her feet resting on the edge of the bed covered in a years old afghan, frayed from nights of restless sleeping. His breathing was heavy and laboured, hers light and slow. He lay on his back, his eyes glued to the ceiling, letting the snot slide down the back of his throat. He put his fingers up to touch his swollen, red nose and winced. "Ungh." He coughed and startled her out of her peaceful slumber.
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Old 10-29-2002, 06:51 PM   #2
King of the špatnýs
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"Now do you want to tell me your name?" she asked, gathering her robe around her. His bloodshot eyes took in her room and the flowery comforter, and returned to her face, pleadingly.
He began to answer, but great wracking coughs made him splutter, so she placed the glass of water in his shivering fingers.
"You're very sick" she stated, "and I dont know what you expect of me, but you ended up banging on my door at 3 a.m, so I think you can muster a few words of explanation". She raised her eyebrow waiting on his reply after he had finished gulping and wheezing over the glass.
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Old 10-30-2002, 12:23 AM   #3
half baked
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"Name's... Elias..." he finally gasped out. His head dropped back on the pillow, so soft and full that it cushioned his ears as well as the back of his head. "Sorry... don't know why I'm here..."
In fact, the last thing he remembered clearly was sitting at the bar with a big mug of cold dark ale, as usual after his week's hard labour processing bills of lading for nine hours straight, five days a week. He'd promised himself he'd go back to school for his degree, one of these days, so he could get something that paid better, more challenging to what his teachers had deemed a quick and questioning mind, if a little lazy in focus. He hadn't done well in math, and would have to take a refresher course, but it would be worth it. Just had to save a little more money to live on while he took classes.
What promised to be a huge sneeze began building up behind his eyes. He held it as long as he could, frantically looking around for and finally finding a box of Kleenex. He grabbed about six of them and got them to the explosion just in time. The reverberations echoed throughout the small house.
"Well, Elias," said the woman, "I'm Elizabeth." She opened her mouth to say something else, then changed her mind. "Look, I was going to take a vacation this week anyway... I'll take care of you until you're feeling up to going back to wherever it is you live." She got up and poured another glass of water, and set a pot of more water to boil for tea. "You're lucky I'm home tonight - usually on Saturday nights I cocktail at the Universal... I'd be getting home just about now."
Elias watched her moving about through puffed eyelids. Saturday? He'd been wandering around for... over 24 hours!!! And the Universal was in a town about 30 miles from where he lived and worked. How had he found his way here? And why?
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