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Old 11-15-2002, 09:58 PM   #16
getting Donuts
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When I was about 5 or 6 I found it entertaining to jump from my bedroom window to the back steps that came out from the kitchen to the backyard. The was about a three foot gap from the edge of my house where the widow was to that concrete stairway where it came out of the kitchen parallel with my window. I did it a number of times thinking I was the shiznit. I then got a red towel and tied it around my neck to complete the effect that I was superman. I was pretty proud of accomplishments so I went and got my older brother to come watch. As he was watching I wanted to really impress him, so I decided to try to jump completely over the stairs. I jumped far but not far enough and caught a toe on the stairs which hurreld me face first towards the concrete driveway/sidewalk. I caught myself with my hands to keep from doing a face plant but still hit my chin. I jumped up with no pain thinking that sucked. I shall try again. I turned to my brother who had a horrifying look on his face. He said "come with me" and grabbed my arm to dragged me to my mother who was sitting on the toilet (embarrassing enough) who started screaming at the top of her lungs. I am like "what's wrong mom?" and turned to look in the mirror to see that blood was rushing down my neck. I fainted hitting my head on the tub. I didn't feel that but had a nasty head ache after waking up from getting stitches (only 4 ?!). I can't imagine what mother was acting like when I fainted. My poor brother got grounded for a week for letting me go through with it. he he.

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Old 11-17-2002, 08:39 PM   #17
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Oh my... maybe it was a good thing she was sitting on the loo!!
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Old 11-21-2002, 11:58 PM   #18
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when i was about three, my dad was taking my brother and me out for a walk, and i was sitting on the footrest of my brother's stroller-carrage thingy. well my dad decided it'd be a wonderous idea to run really fast, on an uneven sidewalk. he hit a bump, i went flying, and i had a very large cut under my nose, and as the cut was healing, i looked like adolf hitler with the mustache. needless to say when i was told of this (years later) i found the photos and disposed of them properly.
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Old 04-19-2003, 07:18 PM   #19
But not the Armadillo :(
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I used to run away a lot when I was little, we lived downtown but our house backed onto a city park so I would take off to fend for myself in the forest which I was vaguely confident would extend indefinitely. Once, when I was about six, I decided I would steal the dog this time so they couldn't track me and I would have a companion on my travels. The slip up in this plan was that our dog was a Massive rottweiler/mastiff cross, and she was very friendly but much much stronger than me. But not to fear, I had a plan. In order to keep her from bolting off and getting lost (wait for it, it's brilliant...) I tied the giant dog to my little six year old wrist. Really firmly.
My mother, unfortunately, noticed the dog was gone before she realized I was missing too, so it was the dog she was calling as she headed out searching and when Masvita joyfuly bounced up I was already unconcious. All I remember was faint voices and then a sudden jerk and a lot of very confusing pain, but afterwards I had a fractured skull, both arms broken, six gashes in my legs the smallest of which took seven stitches (which is a lot on a six year old), a broken off piece of wood stabbed in my belly, and a shitload of bloodloss. Masvita and I weren't really friends after that, but I've got some really cool scars for souvenirs :)
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Old 04-23-2003, 02:36 PM   #20
Stuck in T.O.
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When I was 12 I was outside riding my monkeyhandlebar bicycle and was doing zig zags down the street. It was an hour before my ballet recital and I was wearing my costume, happiest kid on the face of the planet, zooming around. Until I hit a rock. And went flying over the handlebars hitting head to pavement tearing the costume up to shreds. I had a goose egg sized purple bruise in the middle of my forehead and my mother frantically tried to repair the costume. That's how I went to my recital.

Then, at 17, I had a tobogganing party. A group of friends and my boyfriend all went to the arboreatum and jumped on an inner tube .... all of us piled on, some sitting sideways on top of others ... we coasted down the hill, hit a bump, went flying up in the air and CRUNCH one of the girls came down hard on my hip, breaking my pelvis in two places. I stood up and tried to walk and then went down with a thud, surprised that my left leg suddenly seemed to stop working. THEN the pain hit. My boyfriend at the time was crying his eyes out because my dad's a big fellow and he was convinced my dad was going to pummel him (my dad is a gentle man, he'd never do that, he's just big). There are no casts for a pelvis, so I had to lie on my back for two straight weeks waiting for it to mend. Conveniently, it happened just at the start of my two week spring break. Blah.
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