smile lines

We’re both independent, imaginative, stubborn and will stand up to the boys. She’s far more interested in fashion and girlie things than I ever was or will be. We like to call her Princess Fierce cause she has that feminine edge but her momma’s spunk. I hope she doesn’t inherit my insecurity. I give far too much power to the few critical voices in my life than the many positive ones. Seeing her zest for life and confidence in herself spurs me to be more like her and work hard to keep her faith in her own way. People that have known me since I was a child say she’s just like me, a clone. They wonder if my husband’s DNA even made it inside the egg. One marked difference she has is her blue eyes; her father, two brothers and I all have brown. Making her uniquely herself, not my clone after all.

October 15, 2010


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