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By having folks work with templates, they can place skits together with other skits and always be able to edit the main version, this is called transclusion.

Random acts of duckie

Ze rides by some street at his current location on a bicycle - preferably red. Doing so, he throws duckies at each houses doorstop. After filming this, he somehow manages to convince a resident of that street to let himself (in a different outfit) be filmed opening a door, picking up the ducky, looking at it wide-eyed, and retreating back inside. So here's what we'd see:

  • Ze bike-riding and ducky-throwing
  • A close-up of a door - Ze2 opens it, looks down, picks up the ducky, looks at it all 'yay'-like, and goes back in.
  • This would probably be best as an intro.
    • Why? Break conventions! Fifteen seconds of random duckies sounds great to me.
      • In hindsight, yes.
  • Ze (with romantic music in the background) frolicing with a duckie.
    • WIN

A moment for ze

in response to the increasing demand placed on ze that he be 'always on' and entertaining - a trend that I sense is taking it's toll on our favorite dancing monkey - I propose we give ze 15 seconds to relax. Just relax. crack a crispy stella. flip through a magazine. do it for ze.

  • very nice, I love it. seems like the tyke has had a rough week.
  • Great idea, take it easy, have some coffee... not to make a starbucks product placement, just to relax! --Gelbi 15:36, 15 June 2006 (PDT)
  • This is the best idea yet. Especially since Ze has done so much to entertain us and let us relax (only recently with The Show, but with the rest of his site for yeeeears)
  • I like the base concept behind this one, too. Unfortunately it doesn't make for great video. Here's a thought: give Ze 15 seconds to do anything he wants with a promise of no reprisals from the audience. No snarky comments, in fact we promise to never mention it ever, anywhere ... no matter what. (Of course we fail, but that can be entertainment and a mythology unto itself.) muyfabulosotalk 21:09, 15 June 2006 (PDT)
  • Haha, very nice. This should be the first 15 seconds of the show, followed by

"Are the new viewers gone yet?"

  • Absolutely! Don't forget to sip the starbucks.
  • I'd like to add a new section for "are the new viewers gone yet?" as part of the 15 seconds.

(so I'm gonna copy moving this, but won't delete it from here. I'll leave that up to the original contributor).


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