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Hard Chargers are enemies of sports racers. Although the term originated with political overtones, its true meaning continues to emerge.

Hard chargers are afraid of toilet paper. (See the 05-01-06 show)

This term originally appeared in the April 13th 2006 episode of The Show, and refers to the following exchange between a reporter and Scott McClellan, the White House Press Secretary:

Q. The President said earlier -- just in talking about the rest of his presidency, that he intends to charge hard in his final two-and-a-half years --
MR. McCLELLAN: Absolutely. He's a hard charger. [1]

McClellan's comment may have been inspired by the January 12 2005 article in the New York Times titled Hard Charger on Terror War's Legal Front -- Michael Chertoff.

Ze responds with alarm and suspicion: "I didn't know the President was a hard charger. Hard chargers aren't even in the League of Awesomeness. They have no love for sports racers." Note that Ze is not saying the President is a hard charger; he is simply acknowledging McClellan's assertion. A subtle difference.


Father of All Hard Chargers

On the_show:_01-29-07 Ze pointed out:

Page 106 under Signs of the Awesomeness Apocalypse it reads:
"Young Mozart with his exceptional talent will sacrifice that which is most dear to him. That year, a giant baby shall be born; he will be the father of all hard chargers."
That's why in 1785 when Amadeus Mozart injured his hand the League of Awesomeness held its first International Summit. That's where power moves started: as a defense against the giant baby!
Some people said it would never come, but guess what? It's here. And that means we need more awesomeness than you can possible handle.

Other Uses

The term "Hard Charger" also has an auto racing reference: the 1969 film Tiny Lund: Hard Charger, a biography of independent stockcar racer Tiny Lund. In this case, possibly unknown to Ze, a sports racer is a hard charger!

Forum Discussion

Posted by "livefire" on the "ze is full of shit" forum (Thurs. July 13th, 10:02 PM):

What exactly is a HARD CHARGER?
2. A HARD CHARGER always thinks of what's best for himself and then other hard chargers.
3. A HARD CHARGER never backs down from a fight.
4. A HARD CHARGER always asserts his point of view first and asks questions later.
5. A HARD CHARGER never shows emotions.
6. A HARD CHARGER always has the right of way.
7. A HARD CHARGER always proclaims things in the loudest of tones.
8. A HARD CHARGER is the mortal enemy of the sports racers.
9. A HARD CHARGER does not feel pain.
10. A HARD CHARGER is the essence of man.

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