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In the Beginning...

In the beginning there was the show. Ze the Knowledgeable ruled the land, with a hand that was sarcastic, but fair. There were droll songs, and Power Moves. Satire was abundant and duckies innumerate. Sports Racers rejoiced, for earth sandwiches were plentiful and Hard Chargers few.

Then came days of wrath, for Sports Racers had become displeased and scolded He who is Awesome with criticism.

‘Thou sucketh’ they declared.
‘Thou doeth unfunny things’ they shouted.
‘Thou should do this like that’ they wailed.

Ze did look, and Ze did see the comments were dire, and Ze got cheesed off.

‘I grow weary of thy constant disapproval. My minions, think selves mightier than I...’ He huffeth, and He puffeth, and singeth a challenge...
Fabuloso Friday’s where you make the show for me.
Everything I say and do, except no nudity.

If you write everything and supply the pictures, I’ll do it. Click on the Fabuloso Friday link to contribute. Keep it under three minutes. It might get confusing, but remember: there’s no winning, only losing.

Fabuloso... Fabuloso Friday!

Sports Racers did flock to the wiki, their numbers large, enthusiasm abundant, yet talent wanting. Contribute they did and were christened The Fabulosos. There were weird songs, and douche abuse. Duckies were countless and poop a-plenty. There was much rejoicing.

The Fabulosos are folks who roll up their sleeves and work collaboratively to help assist in an amazing effort of fun-ness.

  • in the original wiki we are called WikiGnomes
  • another wiki has a fun idea similar to Ze Wiki Kiwi!

A good thing about the wiki is that it lets lots of people be Sports Racers by being anonymous!


Boo Blobtangle Bang flangzongle Blup boo: dongletingle, wooble [ding] Bam boo Flibblerazz...

Bam boo flibblerazz dubba bla Boo Zunk. Boo boo Shnozrazzle bleep boo zonk, slap a flip tang bla blipzonk, boo funk. Dubba flob blung ongle, bla Ingle Izzle. Gobble bla wogglewaggle bla fragglerazz hizzytwaddle. Wobble Zingle flingbizzle, bla dubba blopshnuzzle flob zoweeblung bla ling-tingshnizzle blo.

Zing funk zung hum bleeb, bla Wobble Zingle bla gobble crangletizzle bla woogleflop Roo boo zap Dubbablong slap razzlezang.

   ‘Blab bangzunk’ blip flangblab. 
   ‘Blab shnaz flangdang tangle’ blip bleepzung. 
   ‘Blab wuggle ha flup slop tang’ blip tangle. 

Boo boo zong, bla Boo boo wow boo hizzlebling flob dang, bla Boo wow flibquibble blo.

   ‘I flob ingle hum blo nizzlebing funkflop. Ho tingweeble, flung wobble shnozhizzle blop I...’ Roo flongzung, bla Roo whackdazzle, bla meepnoodle a zunkbla... 
   Tangdobba Hizzle’s ongle wow flup boo zunk bla duh. 
   Crunglezungle I wow bla ha, wibble loo izzle. 

Boo wow wacko crunglezungle bla flubbing boo weebletang, I’zip ha hum. Dubba ho boo Tangdobba Hizzle plop boo twaddleflip. Bloo hum bleep bleeb zangletwaddle. Hum dabba bla hizzybizzle, boo tangwheezer: dubba’s loo dangshrubbery, tongity wuggle.

   Tangdobba... Tangdobba Hizzle! 

Wobble Zingle blung boo slop boo, whack blupblang oodle, wiggleblob wogglewaggle, blo jangle zinglewuggle. Twaddleflip blip boo bla flob flobbleblob Blobtangle. Dubba flob shnaz ongle, bla tongle bling. Fragglerazz flob tongledongle bla flab a-do-da. Dubba bla tang flungshnaz shwowzerbops

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