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  1. User talk:Muyfabuloso (13209 bytes)
    54: ...he template and then you'll see links for all the templates used in a page. Click those and make a mess -- I...
    56: ...uyfabuloso</b></font>, thanks for the work on the templates! A question though: the [[Template:theshow-transc...
    84: Hey Muy, thanks a lot for the lesson on templates. I've just started using them, and seeing your us...
  2. Talk:Main Page (4363 bytes)
    20: I added new templates for the show's sponsors. At the bottom of the tra...
  3. Talk:Style Guide (3382 bytes)
    2: ...ugh. But they need 1) to be smaller 2) to become templates and 3) to get their own page. The issues related...
    4: Why would you want the eZ-pressions to become templates..? How bout we move the script writing stuff to t...
  4. Magic Dumpster:Fabuloso Friday 2/Fabuloso Chess (54358 bytes)
    41: ...uld someone who's familiar with all this copy the templates here and get us set up? (The board below is prese...
  5. Talk:Fabuloso Friday 2/Archive (8237 bytes)
    30: ===Templates===
    32: Check out the idea of templates at: [[Fabuloso Friday 2/Insane wiki version]] [[M...
    40: page. (The title is needed so that when using templates the "edit" links will edit the right page).
    49: === Categories and Templates===
    58: I drew up this diagram to show how I think templates can work, despite the drawbacks:
  6. Fabuloso Friday 2/Insane wiki version (219 bytes)
    1: By having folks work with templates, they can place skits together with other skits a...
  7. User talk:Mark (986 bytes)
    1: ...that people will understand wiki manipulations of templates as discussed:
  8. Talk:Fabuloso Friday 2/Fabuloso Chess/Move5/Ne4 challange (16366 bytes)
    18: ...don't forget the pipe (the '|' symbol) before the templates!
  9. Talk:Fabuloso Friday 2/Fabuloso Chess/Move9 (38160 bytes)
    341: ... add other lines above (just copy the speculative templates and paste them above this section), but these all...
  10. the show: 07-14-06 (4380 bytes)
    35: ...ce, millions of people have opted out of pre-made templates that "work" in exchange for ugly. Ugly when compa...
  11. Fabuloso Friday 2/Fabuloso Chess/Winners' Circle (18649 bytes)
    35:|SaintPeter]] 13:34, 18 August 2006 (PDT) - His Templates and early work made the game possible.
  12. Talk:Fabuloso Friday 2/Fabuloso Chess/Move27 (34467 bytes)
    99: 7pm PST? Maybe like the way the blank section templates are put in? Maybe we can discuss this and vote o...
  13. Gimme some candy (5264 bytes)
    59: of each transcript takes advantage of two wiki templates. The [[Template:theshow-transcript-sponsors]] dis...

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