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"What does sports racer actually mean? Can someone explain it for foreign viewers?"

Welcome, New Foreign Viewer! What's a sports racer? [Note: Ze DOES put a space between the words!]

Why Ze chose the term to refer to his viewers is, in all honesty, a mystery.

One hunch is that the words simply have a dada-ist ambiguity, as if one could actually "race sports" against one another. Which is faster, tennis or volleyball? Hockey or basketball? No, it makes no sense. That's why it's entertaining.

Another hunch is that the term is a simple mix-up of the terms "sports fan" and "speed racer," a subtle allusion to the tendency for poly-substance users(that is, Ze Frank & most of the show's viewers) to unify seemingly unrelated thoughts into offspring ideas.

Outside of the show, the term is commonly used to refer to Auto Racing enthusiasts and participants in the Sports Car Club of America. They race sports cars with one another, it seems. --[LoA] bodog_formerly_byslexic

On 6/14/06, Ze is seen wearing a Dupont Motorsports cap. Red herring, or true colors? Only Ze knows. [LoA] bodog_formerly_byslexic 20:46, 14 June 2006 (PDT)

  • The Sports Racer Theme Song lyrics are "Sports Racers, Racin' Sports. What is your Power Move?". Ze encourages visitors to submit logos and T-shirt designs to represent the Sports Racers.

Another interpretation (or The Horrible Truth)

A cliched term to refer to the audience of sports-related television is "sports fans", generally said fast enough that many people don't realize there's a space there. ("sportsfans"). Picture a chiseled young man with perfect white teeth grinning his television grin and saying "Hey, sportsfans."

Ze is switching it up, with a nod to the theoretical 'interactivity' of our new medium of internet, and so, instead of sports fans, we are sports racers. Participators in the dialogue. Even, some of us, members of the League of Awesomeness itself.

Everything else is just playing off the absurd concept of sports racers, whatever one might interpret that to be.

According to the the show: 04-06-06, "Sports Racer Sidekick" was a designation held by "Hoops." "Turbo" (aka Jessica Miller) was added as a Sidekick in that same episode, and it was implied that "Sparkle Beauty" (aka Maiko) is also a Sidekick in the April 6, 2006 episode. To become a Sidekick, one must send in a power move. It may be that "Sports Racer Sidekick" is the designation given to members of The League of Awesomeness, but it may instead be merely a Sports Racer rank.

(Sleuth work indicates that the person who asked the original question is in Dusseldorf. Maybe we should have

Hopefully, this is not what Ze means when he says Sports Racer.

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