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Random acts of duckie

Ze rides by some street at his current location on a bicycle - preferably red. Doing so, he throws duckies at each houses doorstop. After filming this, he somehow manages to convince a resident of that street to let himself (in a different outfit) be filmed opening a door, picking up the ducky, looking at it wide-eyed, and retreating back inside. So here's what we'd see:

  • Ze bike-riding and ducky-throwing
  • A close-up of a door - Ze2 opens it, looks down, picks up the ducky, looks at it all 'yay'-like, and goes back in.
  • This would probably be best as an intro.
    • Why? Break conventions! Fifteen seconds of random duckies sounds great to me.
      • In hindsight, yes.
  • Ze (with romantic music in the background) frolicing with a duckie.
    • WIN
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