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More to be added soon. Pilot 21:50, 17 January 2007 (PST)


The Forum

Since July of 2006, [www.zefrank/theforum the forum] has been the main place for sports racers to comment on the show. It was started mainly for the ze is full of shit forum, in which hard chargers could essentially tell all about their grievances regarding the Ze or the show. As of January of 2007, this particular board has been a popular place for intense intellectual debate and discussion. Threads here are known to go on for dozens of pages, with hundreds if not thousands of posts.

the show

Discuss the show (replacement for the comments)

ze is full of shit

Be a hard charger

pander island

everything else

sports racer meetups

meet the flockers (has two(2) sub-forums

running fool

The Running Fool project discussion forum.

movie night

The discussion forum for SportsRacer International Movie Nights

music and video projects

Started for the Ray video and Remote Hoedown. All music/video projects can be discussed here.

games with words and pictures

Play fun forum games! (Picture Association is pretty fun)

the ORG

Get help and report issues for the ORG

the incubator

Hello, New Viewer.


<need to add table of post count to title. (IE Quakcer=1,000)>

On rare occasion, users will receive a custom title form Ze or Support and Comfort. Most title changes have been limited to becoming a Hard Charger. Which, it seems, is awarded based on the Hard Charging nature of an individual's posts (e.g. philabowl). Although at some point long ago there was a random spawning of multiple hard chargers (Livefire, Supreme Allied Commander, etc.) all at the same time.

Other, more isolated and unique variations have been White Trash, Human Baton, "ow, sexy!", a.k.a. Webprofessor, Asshat, a.k.a. ManhattanBrendan, nojackennedy, gone bad, getting better, buttonpusher, and enfant terrible. Almost all of these have to do with specific events which previously transpired on the forums.

The Message Board/Forum War

Another piece of forum esoterica, in case you should see it alluded to, is that there is in fact another forum. Like a separate but similar dimension, the 'Message Board' link on is an older forum that has been around since '01 or '02. We share a few members, but are mostly independent of each other. The other forum community was created around ze's main site: the flash games, random stuff, etc, which has been around since 2001. This forum was created exclusively for theShow, which began in 2006. The two have different dynamics to them. We tried a while back to get some of those folks to migrate over here and vice versa, but it was fairly short lived.

The Wiki

Sports Racer Culture

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