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ZeFrank.com was created by a man known as "Ze". Ze has become a mastermind of online entertainment, his site having amusing videos, games, "stuff to read", "stuff to watch" and so much more.

In 2006, Ze created the show, a daily vidcast about his thoughts. Don't be confused; look here for Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the show with zefrank But Were Afraid to Ask.

Although slightly prejudiced against babies and hard-charging politicians, Ze always pleases his fans with wacky and sometimes almost thoughtful observations.

A few more random things that are believed to be true:

  • Ze's real name is Hosea Frank.
  • Ze likes me, so I don't have to.
  • Ze thinks so I don't have to.
  • Ze's Birthday is March 31st. He may or may not enjoy cupcakes.
  • Ze has two cats, seen here?.
  • Ze stated that in high school he was "very good at the sports".
  • Ze likes things that are gay.
  • Ze sleeps macho.
  • Ze once had an affair with a garden gnome, and has fondled a toilet gnome at least once.
  • Ze wants to wage all-out war on Rob Cockerham, but he's not sure why.
  • Ze likes the naughty bits.
  • Ze is very good at the sex.



See the press page People love watching the show and often wake up just to do so.

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