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could you guys make a list of the 50 episodes or so that are your favorites - i realize that there may not be 50 stellar shows, but if you could come up with the top 50 i'd appreciate it. -- zefrank

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the favourites

  1. 03-20-06 - first time he's thinking so i don't have to
    1. opello
    2. Blankedyblank
    3. jelloman
  2. 03-22-06 - Washington, DC beyoootiful hotel room, I thought we bombed democracy into you guys
    1. Blankedyblank
  3. 03-31-06 - birthday...
  4. 04-05-06 - poop slide
  5. 04-06-06 - sleeping latino giant, something from the comments, college, my power move, thunder claw, life questions, global warming, campaign finance clusterfuck, evolutionary theory
  6. 04-11-06 - yes, no, I, this is
    1. andrine
  7. 04-18-06 - The Sex
    1. andrine
  8. 04-20-06 - butt burns, funny anecdote, something from the neighborhood, baby, assholes, group power moves, moveOn.org, AT&T, net neutrality (memorable quote "if MoveOn.org is sending out a petition, the battle's already been lost")
    1. Funkytuba
  9. 04-27-06 - Those Brooklyn Stairs/Amanda
  10. 04-28-06 - poop, poop, poop, sudan, quotes, highschool, exxon, rocketboom, smearing (ze starts the show in a bad mood but cheers up in the end by POOPing back and forth with the rocketboom chick)
    1. Funkytuba
    2. TheElasticDuck
    3. NightThree
    4. AdamCSays
  11. 05-02-06 - awesomeness, shit tired, coffee, sissy, french toilets, douche
    2. Fig
    3. jenUnderscore_
    4. Jelloman
    5. AdamCSays
  12. 05-05-06 - anti-intellectualism
    1. deflective
    2. Rapid Roy
    3. Darusha
    4. J.W.
    5. Dani
    6. Jelloman
    7. argyle
  13. 05-08-06 - austrian arrow, the quiet one (I saw the coolest toilet ever!!)
    1. andrine
    2. Jelloman
  14. 05-09-06 - throw up, duckies, sex toys, ken burns, walk, signs
    1. Booalready
    2. Blankedyblank
    3. Dani
    4. Jelloman
  15. 05-10-06 - barcelona, plane crash signs
    1. andrine
  16. 05-11-06 - how do you work this thing
    1. andrine
    2. Missjecka
    3. opello
    4. Shrinkwrap
    5. Darusha
    6. J.W.
    7. NightThree
    8. zoomsoon
    9. Jelloman
  17. 05-15-06 - hindsight is 20/20
    2. opello
    3. Shrinkwrap
    4. Darusha
    5. J.W.
    6. dddaaannn
    7. Dani
    8. Jelloman
    9. argyle
  18. 05-16-06 - if the earth were a sandwich
    1. andrine
    3. deflective - the show that made me watch regularly
    4. J.W.
    5. Dani
    6. Jelloman
  19. 05-19-06 - stop smoking
    1. andrine
  20. 05-22-06 - king of the comments
  21. 05-24-06 - ken lay, signing statements, amnesty international, angry fruit salad, water boarding skis (sings Why Does Everything Have to Change?)
  22. 05-26-06 - katrina, hastert, cans, mardi gras, hiding, web 0.2 (ze riffs on the news, Al Gore: "He's Tubby!" and sings the little duckies song at the end with a guitar)
    1. Funkytuba
  23. 06-12-06 - minneapolis, target, symbols, word search, puzzles, ducks making poop, gonzales t-shirts, earth sandwich, holy crap, mom's shoes
    1. Jelloman
  24. 06-16-06 - ok... you win.
    1. andrine
    2. Missjecka
    3. Booalready
    5. Darusha
    6. J.W. - !!!
    7. TheElasticDuck
    8. Jelloman
    9. Rocco
  25. 06-19-06 - your bare asses, summertime (bonesaw!)
    1. Jelloman
  26. 06-21-06 - institutional recourse (Delta letter #2)
    1. Jelloman
  27. 06-27-06 - telemarketing, abuse of power. (James Madison quote)
  28. 06-29-06 - spector, aol, child pornography, wedge strategy, putin, gonzales, trancribing, oooaaaeeewwhhhthpt
  29. 07-07-06 - supreme, ugly, court, gerrymander, redistricting, clusterfuckers
  30. 07-11-06 - washington, ideas, brain crack (where the fuck do ideas come from)
    1. andrine
    2. Jelloman
    4. Tapanuli
    5. deflective
    6.  !!!!!
    7. Rapid Roy
    8. opello
    9. Darusha
    11. TheElasticDuck !!!
    12. dddaaannn
    13. zoomsoon
    14. AdamCSays
  31. 07-14-06 - ugly, myspace, ugly song making ugly art
    1. Rapid Roy
    2. Jelloman
  32. 07-28-06 - something from the comments, complicated, fabulosos: weekend move (idea at something's core, manuals)
    1. Jelloman
    2. Rapid Roy
  33. 08-03-06 - fabs: R to G1, getting to know you better, crystal ball, sugartits request, cleo's theme song (who likes the little little duckies in the pond)
    1. andrine
    2. Dani
  34. 08-08-06 - 100, knowledge nap, childhood elvis story
    1. andrine
    2. Rapid Roy
  35. 08-10-06 - don't be afraid (Terror and Terrorism)
    1. Jelloman
  36. 08-17-06 - the 10 stages of ICEC
    1. andrine
    2. deflective
    3. sportbikechick
    4. J.W.
    5. Jelloman
  37. 08-29-06 - jon benet™ (ze discusses branding with respect to Jon Benet, John Mark Karr and grandma)
    1. Funkytuba
    2. Rapid Roy
    3. zoomsoon
    4. Jelloman
  38. 08-30-06 - Fingers in food
    1. Missjecka
    3. Jelloman
  39. 09-05-06 - refreshed
    1. andrine
  40. 09-07-06 - unity, were were, where where you?(Ze recalls where he was on 9/11. Poignant.)
    1. andrine
    2. Jelloman
    3. Booalready
  41. 09-11-06 - ..||..
    1. deflective
    2. J.W.
  42. 09-20-06 - bust that cycle (ze tapes himself going to the dentist during "happy week" in the infamous peanut butter episode)
    1. Funkytuba
    2. andrine
    4. Darusha
    5. Consumatron
    6. TheElasticDuck
    7. dddaaannn
    8. DaNinja25
    9. Jelloman
    10. Goocher
  43. 09-21-06 - stumbling on, oops, hugo (just keep moving forward)
    1. Jelloman
    2. Rapid Roy
  44. 09-25-06 - angry day
    1. Jelloman
  45. 10-03-06 - vb #1
  46. 10-10-06 - left turn ok
    1. andrine
    2. LadyLeary
    3. Rapid Roy
    4. Consumatron
    5. Blankedyblank
    6. Branddobbe
    7. Jelloman
    8. zoomsoon
  47. 10-11-06 - worst ever
    1. Jelloman
  48. 10-18-06 - fabuloso (first show after ze starts gimme some candy, he's incredulous about the number of jewels and duckies)
    1. Funkytuba
  49. 10-19-06 - megagaltastic
    1. Missjecka
    3. Jelloman
  50. 10-23-06 - vb #2
  51. 11-01-06 - stupid chickens
    1. LadyLeary
    2. Fig
    3. Jelloman
  52. 11-09-06 - hiringweb developers
    1. jenUnderscore_
    3. Funkytuba (how'd I forget this one?)
  53. 11-13-06 - Stinky Nipples / Turd-blossom
    1. Kylejbritt
    2. Jelloman
  54. 11-14-06 - olympics
    1. andrine
    3. J.W.
    4. Blankedyblank
    5. Jelloman
  55. 11-15-06 - Hollywood (Ze does his monologue about "making it big")
    1. Kylejbritt
  56. 11-16-06 - sleeping macho
    1. Missjecka
    4. Darusha
    5. Jelloman
  57. 11-21-06 -thanksgiving
    1. andrine
    2. Jelloman
  58. 11-22-06 - thanksgetting
    1. Tapanuli
    2. Missjecka
    3. Shrinkwrap
    4. Consumatron
    5. dddaaannn
    6. Jelloman
    7. andrine
  59. 11-27-06 - scrabble
    1. andrine
    2. Missjecka
    6. deflective
    7. J.W.
    8. dddaaannn
    9. Jelloman
    10. Somejeff
  60. 12-05-06 - Snakes and their cages (how to operate underwear)
    2. andrine
    3. Jelloman
  61. 12-06-06 - study then sleep (ze explains his process for memorization as a metaphor for a divorced couple)
    1. Funkytuba
    2. andrine
    3. Tapanuli
    4. Jelloman
  62. 12-14-06 - p2p - any individual who ... is under an illusion
  63. 12-19-06 - baseline
    1. Jelloman
    2. Rapid Roy
  64. 1-02-07 - pityriasis rosea (Magic Fairies)
    1. LadyLeary
    2. Rapid Roy
    3. Consumatron
    4. Jelloman
    5. andrine
  65. 01-03-07 - fun fun winter
    1. andrine
  66. 01-04-07 - placement (starbucks, warewolves and taped coke cans)
    1. Fig
  67. 01-05-07 - rtfedd ("imagine if my mouth was over here")
  68. 01-08-07 - melancholy (Conscious #1)
    1. Jelloman
  69. 01-09-07 - how to make lasagna (Conscious #2)
    1. Jelloman
    2. Lhyzz
  70. 01-16-07 - Outside
    1. NightThree
    2. andrine
  71. 01-25-07 - "from the detroit airport with love" (i am a pretty princess :: hotel check out etiquette)
    1. andrine
    2. Fig
    3. LadyLeary
    4. Shrinkwrap
    5. Consumatron
    6. Booalready
    7. NightThree
    8. dddaaannn
    9. Jelloman
    10. argyle
  72. 01-30-07 - "it's the lying that hurts" (the cia leak/scooter libby case as a high school gossip drama; like, OMG!)]]
    1. anglosabroso
    2. Funkytuba
    3. andrine
  73. 01-31-07 - 80%(Bye-bye, doodie. Bye-bye.)
    1. Missjecka
    3. Funkytuba
    4. Jelloman
  74. 02-01-07 - supabah
    1. andrine
  75. 02-05-07 - Waves
    1. Booalready
  76. 02-07-07 - pro-cra (ze explains how to procrastinate in excruciating detail)
    1. Funkytuba
    2. andrine
    3. Rapid Roy
    5. Tapanuli
    6. Jelloman
    7. Darusha
    8. Jelloman
  77. 02-15-07 - appreciation (How to piss off an art student)
    1. Jelloman
  78. 02-21-07 - most popular
  79. 02-22-07 - couldabin
    1. andrine
    2. Jelloman
    3. Goocher
  80. 02-28-07 - ray
    1. Missjecka
    3. deflective
    4. Branddobbe
    5. Darusha
    6. J.W.
    7. jenUnderscore_
    8. Datavortex
    9. dddaaannn
    10. Jelloman
  81. 03-01-07 - euripides
  82. 03-05-07 - true dat (Ze's take on Myspace and Friendster)
  83. 03-08-07 - the debt
    1. andrine
    2. Tapanuli
    3. Consumatron
    4. LadyLeary
    5. Big Al
    6. NightThree
    7. dddaaannn
    8. Branddobbe
    9. Jelloman
  84. 03-12-07 - bittersweet (going from 0 to 1)
    1. Jelloman
    2. andrine
  85. 03-13-07 - sportsracer show
    1. dddaaannn
    2. Jelloman
  86. 03-17-07 - march 17th
    1. Jelloman


Try this easy reference guide. Tapanuli
search the transcripts

Every episode where he sings:

the_show:_03-17-07 march 17th, a song for leaving
the_show:_03-08-07 the debt (well, Jonathan Coulton singing)
the_show:_03-06-07 IMPROV IS EASY!
the_show:_02-07-07 Sad Little Things
the_show:_01-03-07 Fun Winter
the_show:_12-14-06 Rules, "under an illusion"
the_show:_12-04-06 Holiday Politics
the_show:_11-13-06 Stinky Nipples / Turd-blossom
the_show:_10-26-06 Nerd Fight
the_show:_09-27-06 Invisible Baby
the_show:_09-11-06 Pump That Area
the_show:_08-03-06 Cleo's Theme (Who Likes the Little Little Duckies?)
the_show:_07-28-06 (rare b-side) Cleo's Theme *acoustic*
the_show:_07-25-06 Condoleezza's Magic Satchel
the_show:_07-14-06 I Knows Me Some Ugly
the_show:_07-11-06 Where the Fuck Do Ideas Come From?
the_show:_06-23-06 say the opposite
the_show:_06-09-06 Campfire Song
the_show:_06-05-06 Fabuloso Friday proposal
the_show:_05-30-06 Summer Jamz
the_show:_05-24-06 Why Does Everything Have To Change?
the_show:_05-22-06 Rules for King of the Comments
the_show:_05-17-06 Who's That Baby (Trading Walnuts for Gold?)
the_show:_05-16-06 If the Earth were a Sandwich
the_show:_05-15-06 Hindsight is 20-20
the_show:_05-11-06 How Do Spank a Giant Baby?
the_show:_05-11-06 How Do You Work This Thing?
the_show:_05-09-06 Makes Me Want to Throw Up
the_show:_05-05-06 Anti-intellectualism
the_show:_04-27-06 What is your Power Move?
the_show:_04-04-06 Someday You and I Are Gonna Die
the_show:_04-03-06 You Can't Throw...


the_show:_04-07-06 uranus
the_show:_04-19-06 venus's hole
the_show:_06-16-06 neptune trojans
the_show:_07-24-06 RoboScallop
the_show:_08-04-06 moon bulge
the_show:_09-28-06 Victoria’s crater
the_show:_10-13-06 Saturn and her pearls
the_show:_10-18-06 little things
the_show:_11-13-06 hurricane
the_show:_12-07-06 bat tongue
the_show:_01-11-07 grapefruit-sized
the_show:_01-29-07 Mozart's the gifted iguana


the_show:_08-11-06 ReallyReady.org
the_show:_08-18-06 Dutch Farm Sex, Abrahams
the_show:_08-25-06 Pluto, survivor
the_show:_09-08-06 elevator, Guantanamo
the_show:_09-15-06 Pope, Bomb, ethicsliscious
the_show:_09-22-06 Hugo Chavez
the_show:_09-29-06 Sir Habeas Corpus
the_show:_10-06-06 restricting media access
the_show:_10-13-06 tolerate
the_show:_10-20-06 Military Commissions Act, Internet abuse
the_show:_10-27-06 Government isn't a game
the_show:_11-03-06 cut out the middle man
the_show:_11-17-06 claymation, cinderella
the_show:_12-01-06 accordian, Maliki memo
the_show:_12-08-06 linerider, not that silly course
the_show:_12-15-06 white dolphin, stamps
the_show:_12-29-06 while we are on the subject (Somalia)
the_show:_01-05-07 dems, feds read mail, somalia
the_show:_01-12-07 non-binding resolutions
the_show:_01-19-07 fancy dress
the_show:_01-26-07 plans, lottery
the_show:_02-02-07 biden, space mirrors, global warming, lavender
the_show:_02-09-07 wink, filibuster
the_show:_02-16-07 giant german rabbits, North Korea
the_show:_02-23-07 Obama/Clinton cucumber, NOT
the_show:_03-02-07 tubes, giant ladder, weight loss
the_show:_03-09-07 rtfedd, err (uranium, ALL CAPS, bad spirits)
the_show:_03-16-07 last one, gonzalez, gayness, etc.


the_show:_03-31-06 ze b-day
the_show:_04-14-06 easter bunny
the_show:_07-05-06 july 4th, metaphor
the_show:_10-30-06 candy negotation
the_show:_10-31-06 halloween
the_show:_11-21-06 thangsgiving
the_show:_11-22-06 thanksgetting
the_show:_12-12-06 spirit 1.0
the_show:_12-20-06 spirit 2.0
the_show:_12-21-06 happy holidays
the_show:_12-26-06 beginnings & endings
the_show:_01-02-07 Stupid Champagne Faeries, pityriasis rosea
the_show:_02-14-07 valentine's day, romanticynicism, googe


the_show:_04-06-06 college #1
the_show:_04-10-06 french kiss
the_show:_05-19-06 stop smoking
the_show:_06-27-06 deal with telemarketers
the_show:_08-21-06 resolve roomate conflict
the_show:_09-12-06 college #2
the_show:_09-13-06 college #3
the_show:_09-19-06 bust that cycle
the_show:_10-03-06 video blogging #1
the_show:_10-05-06 Proper Walking Technique
the_show:_10-16-06 Voting
the_show:_10-23-06 video blogging #2
the_show:_11-09-06 hiring web developers
the_show:_11-21-06 family & the holidays
the_show:_11-28-06 new perspective
the_show:_12-06-06 study then sleep
the_show:_12-19-06 baseline, anxiety
the_show:_01-23-07 gingkoviagra, improve memory
the_show:_02-06-07 mean by mean, public speaking, obsfucate
the_show:_02-07-07 procrastination
the_show:_02-12-07 gum, discovering NYC
the_show:_02-15-07 regain naivety, art appreciation
the_show:_02-22-07 dealing with fear, couldabin
the_show:_03-06-07 it's easy (improvisation)


the_show:_03-22-06 washington dc
the_show:_03-24-06 south carolina
the_show:_03-28-06 cape cod
the_show:_05-02-06 france, douce
the_show:_05-03-06 france, funny euros
the_show:_05-08-06 vienna toilet
the_show:_05-09-06 german phrases
the_show:_05-10-06 barcelona, planecrash sign
the_show:_05-11-06 barcelona, distancing language
the_show:_05-15-06 hindsight, delta
the_show:_06-12-06 minneapolis
the_show:_06-13-06 defending minneapolis
the_show:_06-14-06 vegas
the_show:_06-15-06 vegas, guantanamo bay
the_show:_06-16-06 neptune trojans
the_show:_07-11-06 brain crack
the_show:_07-26-06 boston, .org secret
the_show:_07-31-06 boston's wang
the_show:_08-22-06 LA, Poincaré Conjecture
the_show:_08-23-06 airplane rules, cranky
the_show:_08-24-06 LA, vomit, good-luck
the_show:_09-28-06 K.C. MO, plane
the_show:_09-29-06 American architecture
the_show:_10-11-06 worst ever
the_show:_10-12-06 rocks
the_show:_10-19-06 Camden, Maine
the_show:_10-25-06 Hillary, diplomat
the_show:_10-26-06 Columbus, Ohio bathtub
the_show:_10-27-06 extended checkout time
the_show:_11-14-06 LoA Olympics
the_show:_11-15-06 LA, the business
the_show:_11-16-06 sleeping macho
the_show:_01-24-07 Denver, room requests, wangs & non-binding resolutions
the_show:_01-25-07 detroit, princess, proper hotel etiquette
the_show:_02-02-07 SanFrancisco, biden, space mirrors, global warming
the_show:_02-05-07 SanFrancisco, Ocean Beach, waves
the_show:_02-06-07 SanFranciso, mean by mean
the_show:_02-07-07 SanFrancisco, pro-cra
the_show:_02-08-07 SanFrancisco, cockfights
the_show:_02-09-07 SanFrancisco, filibuster
the_show:_02-28-07 St. Louis, Ray
the_show:_03-12-07 bittersweet; sxsw-- austin


the_show:_04-06-06 power moves
the_show:_05-16-06 earth sandwich
the_show:_05-30-06 summer jamz
the_show:_06-05-06 fabuloso friday proposal
the_show:_06-07-06 buy the german kid a shirt
the_show:_06-09-06 fabuloso friday
the_show:_06-23-06 fabuloso chess challenge
the_show:_06-30-06 ugly myspace start
the_show:_07-14-06 I Knows Me Some Ugly song
the_show:_07-17-06 ugly myspace winner
the_show:_08-07-06 sugartits jingle video
the_show:_08-08-06 sugartits box designs
the_show:_08-15-06 chess resignation
the_show:_08-25-06 first SR intro
the_show:_09-18-06 vacuum cleaner invocation
the_show:_09-19-06 Ray beginnings, vacuum cleaners
the_show:_09-21-06 Ray, vacuum cleaners
the_show:_09-22-06 goose remix, V4R begins, vc's
the_show:_10-17-06 worst ever submissions
the_show:_10-20-06 pumpkins request
the_show:_10-31-06 Sports Racer Carve a Pumpkin, Bitch! Pumpkin Carving Jamboree
the_show:_11-22-06 Running Fool
the_show:_11-29-06 German Kid gets shirt, Running Fool
the_show:_12-04-06 new fangled holiday songs
the_show:_12-11-06 1st Running Fool intro
the_show:_12-12-06 request- pinning pics
the_show:_12-15-06 SportsRacer Holiday myspace Adoption Program
the_show:_12-21-06 Adoption nominees
the_show:_12-26-06 Adoption results
the_show:_01-03-07 Fun Winter
the_show:_01-19-07 V4R Jumpstart
the_show:_01-29-07 Power Move Showdown announced
the_show:_02-16-07 tanga starts
the_show:_02-20-07 V4R completed
the_show:_02-21-07 remote hoedown song
the_show:_02-27-07 call for March 13th submissions
the_show:_02-28-07 Ray::more in the sidebar
the_show:_03-08-07 fabuloso chess debt paid, with generous interest
the_show:_03-13-07 sportsracer show
the_show:_03-16-07 powermove quack attack winners


the_show:_03-23-06 first duckie ref
the_show:_04-03-06 sheep
the_show:_05-02-06 coke blak
the_show:_05-23-06 peacocks, antlers
the_show:_05-24-06 angry fruit salad
the_show:_06-01-06 haditha, starbucks
the_show:_07-26-06 dunkin' donuts
the_show:_08-30-06 fingers in food
the_show:_09-19-06 bust that cycle, PB&J
the_show:_09-26-06 spinach
the_show:_10-18-06 beetle
the_show:_10-26-06 PB, tomato & mayo sandwiches
the_show:_11-16-06 cats
the_show:_12-07-06 bat tongue
the_show:_12-15-06 white dolphin, stamps
the_show:_02-16-07 giant german rabbits
the_show:_12-11-06 fruit dump
the_show:_01-04-07 placement
the_show:_01-22-07 beans, duck survivor
the_show:_01-29-07 Mozart's the gifted iguana
the_show:_02-08-07 cockfights
the_show:_02-15-07 blueberry muffin
the_show:_02-19-07 stumpy
the_show:_02-27-07 pankegg


the_show:_03-27-06 amanda c.
the_show:_04-27-06 amanda c. briefly
the_show:_05-04-06 intelligent design
the_show:_05-05-06 myspace
the_show:_05-18-06 internet addiction
the_show:_06-02-06 carrot stick, news sources
the_show:_06-06-06 myspace, parties
the_show:_06-08-06 culture war
the_show:_06-20-06 sell-out
the_show:_06-22-06 ADD
the_show:_07-12-06 shrooms
the_show:_07-18-06 heat, stem cells
the_show:_07-20-06 wal-mart
the_show:_07-27-06 you tube, creative commons
the_show:_07-28-06 complicated, math is hard
the_show:_08-07-06 brownies, Star Wars
the_show:_08-28-06 information, compression
the_show:_08-29-06 jon benet™
the_show:_09-05-06 monopoly, farmer's market
the_show:_09-06-06 dogs, Stingray Theology
the_show:_09-07-06 unity
the_show:_09-11-06 pump that area
the_show:_09-21-06 happiness, choice
the_show:_09-25-06 say my name, dweeby von asshat
the_show:_10-19-06 megagaltastic
the_show:_10-26-06 nerd fight
the_show:_11-08-06 divorce
the_show:_12-05-06 snakes in their cages
the_show:_12-07-06 stupid web brain
the_show:_12-14-06 p2p, ...illusion
the_show:_12-18-06 Pisa, love
the_show:_01-04-07 placement
the_show:_01-08-07 melancholy, decision making
the_show:_01-09-07 deception
the_show:_01-17-07 vinci, secondlife incident
the_show:_01-18-07 you missed, wii
the_show:_01-31-07 80 percent, disillusionment, the creative act
the_show:_02-01-07 supahbah, football, dip
the_show:_02-05-07 waves, Ocean Beach
the_show:_02-06-07 mean by mean, astronaut diaper
the_show:_02-08-07 how i spell classy, cockfights
the_show:_02-15-07 art appreciation, necker cube
the_show:_02-20-07 magnets, collections
the_show:_02-21-07 most popular, amusement parks, braid
the_show:_02-06-07 winter storm 07
the_show:_03-01-07 euripides
the_show:_03-05-07 true dat
the_show:_03-07-07 intro critique
the_show:_03-12-07 bittersweet; sxsw
the_show:_03-14-07 consumerism
the_show:_03-15-07 loyalty, actor training
the_show:_03-16-07 join the org


the_show:_04-18-06 abstinence
the_show:_04-20-06 at&t, asshole babies
the_show:_04-24-06 gonzalez & porn
the_show:_04-26-06 polygraph, std's
the_show:_05-01-06 hard charger, at&t
the_show:_05-12-06 Any individual entity that presumes to understand the rules that guide this space is under an illusion
the_show:_05-23-06 state secrets
the_show:_05-24-06 signing statements
the_show:_05-25-06 wiretap, wonder twins
the_show:_05-26-06 pet evacuation
the_show:_05-30-06 bobo twins!
the_show:_05-31-06 brainstorm, tony snow, vaginas
the_show:_06-01-06 haditha, starbucks
the_show:_06-23-06 at&t, say the opposite
the_show:_06-26-06 transaction privacy
the_show:_06-28-06 perfect circles
the_show:_06-29-06 wedge strategy, transcribe this!
the_show:_07-07-06 gerrymandering
the_show:_07-13-06 geneva convention
the_show:_07-19-06 g-8, israel
the_show:_07-21-06 magic satchel, steaming pile
the_show:_07-25-06 magic satchel song, ceasefire
the_show:_08-01-06 forces of reality
the_show:_08-03-06 Tony Snow's crystal ball
the_show:_08-09-06 oil pipeline, Paris Hilton
the_show:_08-10-06 don't be afraid
the_show:_08-14-06 baseball
the_show:_08-31-06 Pigeon Chaser's story, bill blocking
the_show:_09-14-06 old school, weapons
the_show:_09-26-06 National Intelligence Estimate
the_show:_09-27-06 NIE
the_show:_10-02-06 great wall, hooplah
the_show:_10-04-06 blame this
the_show:_10-05-06 Miss Direction
the_show:_10-31-06 waterboarding, Military Commissions Act
the_show:_11-01-06 john kerry's bad joke
the_show:_11-02-06 election, fruit
the_show:_11-06-06 election, push poll
the_show:_11-07-06 voting day
the_show:_11-08-06 election results
the_show:_11-13-06 turd-blossom
the_show:_11-20-06 goldilocks, bags o'shit
the_show:_11-30-06 creative solutions, bees
the_show:_12-01-06 Maliki, al-Sadr
the_show:_12-04-06 change the rules, fugue
the_show:_12-08-06 bolton, staying the course
the_show:_12-11-06 winding down
the_show:_12-27-06 endangered
the_show:_12-28-06 somalia, briefly
the_show:_01-05-07 dems, feds read mail, somalia
the_show:_01-03-07 hussein execution
the_show:_01-11-07 troop increase
the_show:_01-19-07 somalia, North Korea, NSA wiretapping
the_show:_01-22-07 beans, obama, clinton
the_show:_01-24-07 wangs & non-binding resolutions
the_show:_01-26-07 plans, Ben. Patrias, lottery
the_show:_01-30-07 its the lying that hurts
the_show:_02-02-07 glass half-full, biden, space mirrors, global warming
the_show:_02-09-07 snow butt clench, filibuster
the_show:_02-16-07 EFPs, lost weapons Iraq
the_show:_02-23-07 Obama/Clinton cucumber, NOT
the_show:_03-01-07 moving forward
the_show:_03-02-07 WMD, David Kay, unpersuasive
the_show:_03-07-07 presidential pardons
the_show:_03-15-07 loyalty, gonzalez, fed. prosecutors fired

The early days & other Zeisms...

the_show:_03-17-06 first
the_show:_03-20-06 pimples
the_show:_03-21-06 .xxx
the_show:_03-29-06 solar eclipse
the_show:_03-30-06 smart children
the_show:_04-03-06 drinking
the_show:_04-04-06 undergrad valley girl
the_show:_04-05-06 toilet seat protector
the_show:_04-06-06 powermove
the_show:_04-11-06 yes, no, i, this is
the_show:_04-12-06 po-friends, WMD fairytale
the_show:_04-13-06 LoA, hard charger
the_show:_04-17-06 lying
the_show:_04-21-06 Solamente gags!
the_show:_04-25-06 poop, warcraft
the_show:_04-28-06 poop, jesus videogames
the_show:_05-09-06 something i like that's gay
the_show:_05-22-06 king of comments
the_show:_06-19-06 our dear and glorious leader
the_show:_06-21-06 delta, adult diaper
the_show:_07-06-06 zits
the_show:_07-10-06 crap, phlegm
the_show:_08-02-06 sugartits
the_show:_08-08-06 100th, knowledge nap
the_show:_08-17-06 Illness Communication Exaggeration Curve
the_show:_10-10-06 meta
the_show:_10-17-06 small town
the_show:_10-24-06 French
the_show:_11-14-06 LoA olympics
the_show:_11-16-06 sleeping macho
the_show:_11-27-06 scrabble
the_show:_11-29-06 How do you work this thing?
the_show:_12-13-06 running through syrup
the_show:_01-10-07 hurricane, sleeping macho calendar
the_show:_01-16-07 outside, street chickens
the_show:_01-25-07 I'm a pretty princess!
the_show:_01-29-07 apocalypse, giant baby
the_show:_02-13-07 LOAI- League of Awesomeness Internship
the_show:_02-19-07 stumpy
the_show:_03-07-07 "love...want whatever"
the_show:_03-14-07 shadow warming
the_show:_03-17-07 last

Celebrity Weather Reports

the_show:_02-22-07 John Hodgman
the_show:_03-02-07 Paul Rudd
the_show:_03-06-07 Jack McBrayer
the_show:_03-16-07 Jack Black

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